Second Life Churches — Old High Church, Inverness City

Every year, during Advent, I look for a few nicely built churches, preferably with active congregations, to show the different places of worship available for us as avatars.  Some might debate the sanctity of these places; but it’s my opinion that the faith of the congregation and its practices are what bring sanctity to the place.

Old High Church, Inverness City 213,116,23_001

For instance, take the Old High Church in Inverness City region.  Set apart from the commercial street on its own plot of ground, it’s a pretty stone church built in a style that would look at home in Inverness or Edinburgh in the Real World.  The builders took care with the grounds here, and included such touches as the memorial you see in the corner, which points to a local castle….

Old High Church, Inverness City 213,116,23_003

And a small patch of graveyard, with a memorial tablet to the dead from World War I.  (The two wings were added following World War II.)

Old High Church, Inverness City 213,116,23_004

The sanctuary is warm and lovely, with room for about 20.  Services are held Sundays at 9:30 a.m. SLT.  I’m not sure what the denomination is, but I think it’s either Church of England or Scotland (which is a variant on the Church of England).


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