Second Life Churches — St. Luke’s Episcopal Parish

St Luke's Episcopal Parish, Nestor 15,166,104_001

St. Luke’s Episcopal is a parish that looks to be thriving in the midst of a mainland continent.  The animated sign outside the building (which smacks of Spanish mission architecture to me, similar to the Alamo) shows regular services.  The parish has a long, relatively narrow piece of land here, and they’ve screened out some of their neighbors with solid walls and a bit of landscaping — though there’s little around them aside from a high-rise (out of frame) that blares for commercial attention.

St Luke's Episcopal Parish, Nestor 15,166,104_003

The sanctuary itself is also quite pretty — as you can see here, it’s hung in Sarum blue for Advent.  There are icons of Saint Luke on the pillars, and the feel is that of a European-style church that has been in use for many years, since perhaps the 1600s or so.

  • This is my third year of an Advent tradition of looking at churches around Second Life, following my annual hosting of the Holy Family statues for the Anglican Cathedral in Second Life’s Posada progress.  For other articles, you can search the blog.


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