New Year’s Gown 2013

New Year's Gown 1

I didn’t get out and about on New Year’s Eve as I’d planned; but, if I had, this gown named Christabel from Styles by Danielle would have been my choice.  A daring show of leg, frosted bodice and matching pumps make it a confection well worth the investment.

New Year's Gown 2

And, if you can’t shoot your pictures on New Year’s Eve, try another spot — such as the romantic Rosemist Isle.  It is prim intensive there already, so be prepared for lag issues; but it can be well worth the work to get around.

New Year's Gown 3

All the jewelry here is from EarthStones, except for the diamonds glinting on my right hand — a special gift from a lovely friend I’ve had for years, and which will never be revealed in the credits (evil grin).

New Year's Gown 4

Here’s a rarity from Truth, at least in my experience:  a formal upsweep hairstyle!  Worth wading through the vicious lag in Truth Hawks’ store to get, definitely.  As for the makeup, it took a little work to get the effect I wanted here, as the green of the eyeshadow kept on getting covered up by the eyeliner and mascara I was choosing.  I finally fell back to BOOM, my standby choice for liner, and did a double layer:  first Love My Eyes in thick weight, and then my constant companion (it seems), a top coat of their Liquid Glaze, which brings out the lashes quite nicely.  Why the Liquid Glaze so much??  Because of those lashes, and because it comes in a large number of colors.  The choice usually gives me something that makes my eyes pop, as the pro makeup artists like to say.  I could have used a green line here, but I decided to stick with the black, as the bright green eyeshadow was enough.  This isn’t one of my costume shoots, so I don’t necessarily want some radical look, just dramatic.


The details:

  • Skin:  PXL Faith (sunkissed, nude lips, light eyebrows)
  • Eyes:  Sterling Artistry Jeweled Eyes (bright blue)
  • Hair:  Truth January (cranberry, w/roots — mesh)
  • Gown and pumps:  Danielle Christabel (emerald)
  • Gloves:  Baiastice Velvet gloves (black — mesh)
  • Jewelry:  EarthStones Knotted Elegance III necklace (Tahitian black pearls); EarthStones Pave Set Bracelet (Black pearls/gold); EarthStones Timeless Earrings (black pearls/gold)
  • Makeup (roughly in layer order):  Glamorize Cheeky Lipstick 05; Defenestration Green Eyeshadow; BOOM Love My Eyes liner and mascara (thick); BOOM Liquid Glaze (black, lashed)

Photographed in Rosemist Isle region


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