DON’T Call the Plumber, Fred!

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Do you know one of the things I love about Second Life?  You don’t have to worry about the infrastructure, unless you’re the one designing it.  Need power for a lamp?  It’s broadcast through the air, just like Nicky Tesla always dreamed of; anything electronic works by default, unless it was designed to malfunction.  The roads?  Smooth as silk.  The pipes?  Never clogged, always running, always vented; you don’t need a plumber (unless you’re planning some sort of kinky sex game, which I don’t do).

Oh, would that Real Life was as nice.  My kitchen sink was backed up almost to the rim today before I caught it.  Being a good, modern, liberated woman, a disciple of Norma Vally (the Toolbelt Diva) with a past knowledge of coping with that sink, I dug in and opened up the pipes to drain the sink out and look for the trouble.  The good thing?  My Dear Daughter, who filled a vase with a rose in it the other day, must have knocked a dead leaf off the rose’s stem, because that was what was covering the drain outlet itself.  Pulled the leaf away once I could see it, and I was able to drain the sink fully and get it back to its standard sputtering condition — at least until the plumber finally comes in to restring the drain pipe to the new sewer line, which was never done when the sewer was put in originally.

The bad news?  I fought with the trap elbow for fifteen frakking minutes trying to get the trap elbow back together!  It finally went together without leaks; but I tell you, that plumber is going to have a little more work to do when he gets here….

Yes, we have many gripes at times about Linden Lab.  A few of them are even valid.  But we can never complain about their plumbing; you have to say that.


Posted February 23, 2013 by Harper Ganesvoort in Personal, Real Life

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