Road Signs: Caoimhe Lionheart

Caoimhe Lionheart is one of my favorites among the Second Life bloggers — warm, sometimes witty, and often with beautiful work to share. Take a look at the pair of dresses she models here in this article from her blog, an chalin alainn.

an chailín álainn

Social Media MemeMy mum would love this pic, I look so serene, so elegant. In other words, so un-Cao

Strawberry Singh posted another meme, this one Social Media Meme with the hopes we can connect and meet each other, so if I am long winded, blame her not me. ;) If you get a chance, do one of these and please, send me the link. I’m always looking for new people to stalk erm, nicely follow, from a distance of course, I guess, if I have too..

What was the first social network you joined using your SL Avatar?

Flickr in May 2010.

Which social networks are you currently on using your SL Avatar?

Flickr Taxi:
Facebook Page Taxi: Taxi:
Facebook Profile Taxi:
Plurk Taxi:
Google+ Profile (for my avatar) Taxi:
Pinterest Taxi:
Second Life Profile Taxi:

Social Media MemeOne word for this dress, (It is Desir’s FFL offering) the word? Divine!


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