Hair Fair 2013 — Truly Outrageous

As promised, here’s a glance at the wigs I purchased from Hair Fair that — take a little work to describe, shall we say?  This will be a long one, but it’s mostly pictures, so stay with me.

Hair Fair 2013 - Stringer Mausoleum Fingers Fortune (fair gift)

The first style I found was from The Stringer Mausoleum, and is their gift to booth visitors; called Fingers Fortune, the name kind of says it all — multiple fingers splaying out in a series of layers.

Hair Fair 2013 - Stringer Mausoleum Editorial V1 (package includes petite sizes)

If you prefer something a little more solid, Stringer also offers this piece — Editorial V1.  (Stringer also includes petite sizes in their packages, making it very nice for the small folk of the Grid.)

Hair Fair 2013 - Zibska Noe

Possibly the wildest standout of the fortnight, Zibska continues to astound with strange new styles from a new house, but an established designer.  This one, Noe, literally defies several laws of physics!

Hair Fair 2013 - Zibska Octavia

…while Octavia resembles a particularly nasty sea urchin with its spines,…

Hair Fair 2013 - Zibska Pero

…and Pero reminds me of some kinds of sea shells in its shaping.

Hair Fair 2013 - [sYs] Birdy

[sYs] has several offerings; I chose this one, Birdy, as perhaps the prettiest extreme style of the Fair.  Available in five “master” shades, and a HUD allows you to tint the actual hair under the feathers.

Hair Fair 2013 - Analog Dog Fablespoon

Analog Dog is one of the longest-established brands in Second Life hair. Queue Marlowe gives us some interesting HUD-driven pieces this year, allowing you to choose between straight shades and ombre fades. This one is called fablespoon.

Hair Fair 2013 - Analog Dog Tunnel Cake, ombre tint 2 Hair Fair 2013 - Analog Dog Tunnel Cake, ombre tint

And this one is named tunnel cake.  Note here Queue’s HUD, quite easy to use.  You can even do some extra tinting of your own.  If you mess up, click the Clear button, and that should put things back to rights, if my experimentation proves correct.

Hair Fair 2013 - KMADD Ava

KMADD was fantastic this year; I purchased three styles from them.  First is Ava, with its long tail projecting down in back, a shorter lock on the opposite side, and crystal studs set into the braid.

Hair Fair 2013 - KMADD June

Next is June, another creation that reminds me of seashells this year.

Hair Fair 2013 - KMADD Zoe

And Zoe, a tall ring of mingled hair and feathers, in plain and double shades.

Hair Fair 2013 - L+N Flower Forest (gift hair) scripted colors

Last in the batch is L+N; here is their booth gift, Flower Forest….

Hair Fair 2013 - L+N Mistress of Fire

…and finally, their Mistress of Fire, a very interesting style with its layers and waving vanes.

Come on over to the wild side of hair with me.  There are plenty of designers that continue to fly the flag of outrageousness first raised by Sinsation, and later flown by Griddie.  You just have to know where to look for them.  Be sure, once you find them, you can’t help but be noticed (grin).


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