Coming Back From a Break

Writing from Destin, Florida:

I’m returning home from a RL vacation in Destin this past week.  Right at the moment, I’m sitting in a Mickey D’s, writing this on an old cracked-screen netbook I’ve acquired from my daughter (in exchange for a brand-new laptop!); she’ll be moving into her dorm at the University of Alabama approximately a week from now.  And the son will be starting back to school within the same week. 1.

So, as you can see, things have been rather busy for me in the Real World.  Some of it is vital, of course, like making sure both of the kids are prepared for their next step in life — the son, who loathes school, has to be gotten into shape to be woken up at 6:00 plus for most of the next nine months, and the daughter…well, it’s a bittersweet time for the family, as she begins her journey on her own to her own future.  Which is another reason for enjoying this vacation time together.

As much as I enjoy Second Life — the clothes, the house, the beauties of the virtual lands I explore and the people I have met over time, it’s necessary to remember that there’s a more important world to explore — the world I actually live in, and the family that surrounds me in that world.  Oh, I can’t get away from the connected life completely — witness my carrying around this old netbook, and all the messaging we’ve done back and forth this past week on our smartphones.  In fact, I discovered from Facebook that my eldest grand-niece is engaged (a fact of communication I’ll be taking up with my sister in the near future!).  But there’s more to life than bits and bytes, and (especially with one of your children getting ready to fly on their own) you need to focus on the important things sometimes, for your own sanity’s and heart’s sake if nothing else.  I’ll be sending another child off to university within the next decade, but it’s the time for final, close connections that counts, beyond that this is the first.  I want to be there for my daughter as much as I can, while remembering to give her the freedom she needs to begin making her own decisions and plotting her own life’s course.

I have one more week to get everything into shape, to finish the preparations and pack the boxes and hug each other as mother and child one last time, before it officially becomes mother and daughter, if you take my meaning.  In the end, it’s these things that count the most, not the glamorous life I live in the world of pixels.  I may manage to fit in some time for Second Life, but it won’t be the important thing….


1.  There are advantages and disadvantages to this fact.  I still have enough Michigan girl in me to believe that school should not start until the Tuesday following Labor Day!


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