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I just had to report on this month’s selection at Collarbor 88.  In fact, I was so impressed by it, that almost everything I’m wearing here comes from it; only my skin, rings, earrings, makeup and system cami are old stuff from inventory.

First of all are the grey pants and the black blazer.  Available right near the door, they come in more colors than just what I’m wearing here, and are accompanied by a “romantic coat” that looks equally interesting.

Collarbor88 September 2

These boots were what first attracted my attention to this month’s Collarbor.  Eboni Kishi put these up on her Plurk timeline, and that got me going to check things out.  The attention-getters here are, of course, the Lucite soles and heels, which were nicely done by the designer.

Collarbor88 September 3

Care for some “casual” nails?  These prim nails are decorated with sunflowers.  There are two styles available in a color selection:  straight “solids” like these, or ones that alternate solids with a plaid pattern.  (Incidentally, I made sure to take notes on everything with the journal and pen I also picked up from the sale.  You should never be without a blank book.)

Collarbor88 September 4

The hair is fresh and curly and maybe a little flirty; I only wish that it came in darker reds than what I found, but I haven’t tried tinting it yet.  My necklace, alas, chose not to rezz fully, and I ran out of patience.  What I did get, though, was the derivation for my makeup palette; I tried to get close to the shade of the neck band in color, while leaning toward a more neutral shade.


The details:

All items except skin, eyes, makeup and earrings from this month’s Collarbor 88 sale

  • Skin: [PXL] Faith (SK NE LEB)
  • Eyes: Sterling Artistry Jeweled Eyes (bright blue)
  • Hair: D!va Hair Tina (Red amber, type B, mesh)
  • Nails: Nylon Outfitters Art Nails (Sunflowers – Blue)
  • Suit: Fashionably Dead Baggy Pants (Gray, mesh) and Blazer – (Black, mesh) (separates)
  • Shoes: Hucci Bagani Boots (Midnight, mesh)
  • Necklace: LaGyo Valma necklace
  • Makeup (rough application order): Amacci Eye Tattoo Divine (Indigo Lash); *BOOM* Liquid Glaze (black, lashed); .:Glamorize:. Hello Lips (Taupe)
  • Other: Flowey flutterkins notebook; Flowey tiffany pen

Photos taken at Collarbor88 (September)


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