Closing the Doors

You may recall my talking recently about replacing the stairway in my house.  I mentioned in there that the elevator I put in instead of the stairs still needed a shaft to make it look complete.


Well, the work is now done, and it’s not a bad piece of work, aside maybe from joint lines that I haven’t noticed yet.  I took a cube — of course, you must always take a cube! — and hollowed it out, then sliced off one side, creating an instant basic shaft construct with an open front.  Stretching it up through the floor, so that it went from living-room floor to office ceiling, was not difficult; but it was critical to make sure that the shaft fit around the elevator.  Not for looks; the script on this elevator detects blockages, and the walls of the car catching on the walls of the shaft would not be good.

Next came the doors.  I picked up a copiable, scripted door I liked from Dats Door and Texture Store (“Dats,” get it? [shaking head]) and rezzed it up on each floor, then swung the door to make it open out in the correct direction — trickier than it seemed! — and grafted it into the front of the shaft.  Again, I had to make sure there was no point of impact between the door and any part of the elevator, so I stretched out the shaft slightly toward the front to give some needed airspace.  I implanted the doors, and stretched them so that they would fit the width of the shaft, and not be so tall that they would show the top of the car through the glass in the doors.  For looks, I capped off the airspace above the doors with another prim on each floor, and the result is a very realistic elevator shaft with an antique car on the inside!


One last step was a bit of a bother.  You see the clear glass floor section of the upper floor here.  Before, it stretched all the way to the elevator.  Adding on the door, though, I developed a rather familiar and annoying invisiprim texture glitch where it looked like the door, when it opened, was poking through the floor.  So I shrank the section backward, and now there’s a black landing floor to fill up the space.  I’m hoping that’s the last modification I’ll need to make to that poor floor; it’s shrunk a bit in the past month or so….  (Sigh)


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