A Little Touch of Sascha

Britannia Island 200,236,27 a

…O, now, who will behold
The creative captain of this fab’lous band
Walking from vendor to vendor, from patron to patron,
Let her cry ‘Praise and glory on her head!’
For forth she goes and visits all her customers;
Bids them good day with a modest smile,
And calls them sisters, friends, and fellow avatars….
She freshly draws, and over-stitches garments
With cheerful semblance and sweet majesty;
That every fashionista, pining and pale before,
Beholding her, plucks delight from her designs;
A style universal, like the sun,
Her imaginative eye doth give to every one,
Thawing drab dreariness, that avatars base and noble all
Behold, as may couturières define,
A little touch of Sascha in the night.

  • With apologies to William Shakespeare

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Why do I dare display the audacity to mangle the prose of the Bard?  Well, I’ve been watching Henry V on my DVR lately, and so England has been on my alleged mind.  And because I shot these photos in Britannia Island region, so it seemed appropriate.  This sim is rather like a small piece of an industrial-region town, but with the nice advantage of its own little beach on one side.  Not much goes on here that I can detect; it’s primarily for show, with no opening doors or shops.  But it has its own gritty, smoky charm, and so I decided to do some photos here after finding it in the directory of photographed regions on Koinup.

And, as my “rough and all-unable pen” has hinted, I’m wearing here a little something recent from Sascha Frangilli.  Most of us are used to grand ball gowns from Sascha’s Designs, with a choice of skirts from the svelte to the huge; but Sascha does simpler things as well.  For instance, this confection, named Delorean, is a neat outfit of mesh pants and a selection of six system tops, most on the shirt layer, to go with it.  There are also a headband and some neck wraps, which I’ve not used here in favor of my own choices in hair and jewelry.  There’s a look in Sascha’s for almost any situation, and you’ll do well to go and consider it.

(Check my Koinup feed (starting here) or Flickr feed (starting here) for larger versions of the photos.)


The details:

  • Skin: PXL Faith (SK NE LEB)
  • Eyes: Sterling Artistry Discovery Eyes (Garden of Dreams)
  • Hair: Vanity Hair The One (Strawberry)
  • Hands and Feet: SLink Enhancement
  • Outfit: Sascha’s Designs Delorean (partial mesh)
  • Shoes: KoiKoi Dragon Pumps for SLink feet (with HUD)
  • Jewelry: Lilipily Aletheia choker and earrings (sapphire/gold)
  • Eyeshadow (in order): Zibska Custance Drop (purple); MONS Makeups Eyeshadow Shimmer (green); *BOOM* Liquid Glaze (lashed, silver)
  • Lipstick: Glamorize Dirty Babe Lipstick (Merlot)


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