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I haven’t been planning to do as many reblogs as I have lately, but I’ve been coming across some excellent articles from other sources than my own head. Add to that the kids are home from school and university now, and the distractions to do work of my own get serious. However, when there’s as something as good as the piece done here by Shae Sixpence, no apologies are needed for giving her more notice from a different branch of the SLogosphere. Read on and enjoy.

What's that over there?

As most are aware I was one of two hosts for Miss Virtual World 2014  that was held on December 14th. I was actually pretty terrified about doing it. I’ve been a guest on many live shows and I’ve worked countless numbers of live shows both as a model and production/backstage crew. However, I’ve never actually hosted and certainly never had to be live and on air for seven straight hours!

Miss Virtual World is a grueling competition that lasts for months. In 2010 I was Miss Virtual World Brazil, so I knew what these girls were going through. There were many times when my co-host, the lovely Sofia Diage had to swoop in and save me. I am glad she knew me well enough to be able to tell when a subject was starting to choke me up. I am a very emotional person by nature and being a…

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