Practical Jokes for Berry Singh

Fear and tremble, all ye mortals, for it’s —


Strawberry Singh has put up her latest Monday Meme, and the request is for you to share any practical jokes committed by or to you in world, or involving your in-world Plurk/Facebook/etc. friends.  I learn here that Berry is definitely an easy target, and I’ll have to consider this for April.  (Evil smile)

I’ve never been pranked in world myself that I can recall.  But I played a sort of prank on someone last year, along with a pair of Residents I happened to run into.  It wasn’t really a joke, more of a tease, since the fellow was Away from Keyboard at the time, and his avatar had went asleep.  You may remember it:

Missing Out On Magnificence blog

Misali region had just opened up, and I ran into Lady Leena Fandango and Sophia Trefusis as we were enjoying the place.  Down in the central “gorge,” where the builders had located a store or gallery of some type, we came upon this fellow, who, as I said, had let himself fall asleep at the switch, so to speak.  So we took pictures of him surrounded by us, and I wrote him up as a warning to never go asleep in world; you never know what glorious creatures might suddenly surround you, after all!  (Tossing hair and smiling)  I’m pretty sure one of us sent him a copy, too….  We did this, though:  we left him anonymous, to spare his pride.  In fact, I’ve quite forgotten who he was.  But ah, that was a good day!

More often, it’s me who gets caught up in something by accident, such as this old thing, back from when I was working on my INSILICO Trilogy:

I was trying out a sleeping animation.  Apparently, it was a little…misaligned….

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