Black and White for Berry’s Monday Meme — Updated

Berry shot

I’m a lover of black-and-white photography — the way photographs used to be done, before Kodachrome gave us those nice bright colors 1.  There was a different kind of artistry involved in shooting portraits in monochrome; composition and lighting took on different meanings, and shadows became more important for the setting of a mood.  So, when Berry Singh threw out this week’s Monday Memeshare a black-and-white head shot of your avatar — I leaped at the opportunity.

I’ll admit, this could use a lot more work, and I may do a repeat if I can improve the shot; I’d like a deeper shadow on the darker side of my face, and perhaps a more intriguing pose, more Hurrell-like.  (I did add a touch of blur to this photo to get some of that old-style glamour look in here.)  This makes an interesting first approximation, though, and gives me some thoughts on how to proceed to improve it.

  • Eyes:  Sterling Artistry Resin Eyes (Cognac)
  • Hair:  Truth Chilali
  • Jewelry:  Lazuri Kaya suite
  • WindLight:  Isa Fallen Angel


UPDATE:  February 6

As I wanted, I went back in and did a fresh shot.  I’m still not entirely satisfied; the hair/background interaction is too dark now to my eye.  But there’s a more level angle to this, and better shadows across the face, and my upraised hand gives more of a feel of life than a simple head pose.

Berry shot 2

1 Thank you, Paul Simon.
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