2014 Oscar Fashion Photo Contest — Update 2 / Charlize Theron

And the hits just keep on comin’….

Progress continues on this year’s OFPC. As of this moment, we have 33 entries between the Flickr and Koinup groups, with plenty of time and room for more to come in. Make my judging job hard, people! Get your entries added to the group of your choice, or write an article and link back to one of the announcements, and you’ll have a shot at L$10,000 for first place.


Let’s take a look at a perennial person of interest on the red carpet: Charlize Theron. Following her breakout roles in 2 Days in the Valley and That Thing You Do!, Charlize has been a regular in films and at premieres and functions. Her star power was rewarded at a relatively young point in her career when she herself won the Academy Award in 2004 for Monster, a biopic of serial killer Aileen Wuornos, in which she played the lead role. It was totally against type, and she hit it out of the park, even putting on weight to more closely resemble Wuornos. She was one of the two top women that night, both in the press room and on the red carpet, the other being Renée Zellweger (for Cold Mountain).  She enters here in a champagne-colored, beaded Gucci dress with crossed straps around the back and a nice train effect.

Source:  Bauer Griffin

2004 was not her first walk on the red carpet, though.  Charlize first caught my attention in 2000, when she entered in this orange Vera Wang gown:

Charlize Theron 2000 Vera Wang

The diamond brooch clips at the shoulder straps and the Forties waves to her hairstyle work wonderfully with this dress; it was an absolute showstopper, and she received raves from most fashion critics the next day.

Charlize Theron 2006 Dior

Debate was much more divided over a “structured” gown Charlize wore in 2006, created by John Galliano for Dior.  Most dislike centered on that huge shoulder bow, which I’ve never minded at all.  I think it looks lovely, as a matter of fact.  Where I start flip-flopping is at the strap-like panels above the skirt.  One minute I love this dress overall; the next minute, I start freaking about it.  Maybe that means that it’s very good fashion, for fashion is a form of art, and good art can keep you wondering what it means — just like this gown.

82nd Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

On the other hand, almost everyone was agreed about this Dior from 2010:  they hated it.  As I hear tell, there are two main reasons why….  I do have to ask if the House of Dior simply offered this gown to Theron, or suggested she wear it, or “suggested” she wear it, as she is a spokesmodel for Dior.  (As well as wearing their dresses, Charlize has also been doing commercials and ad sheets for their J’adore perfume for some years.)

Charlize Theron 2013 Dior Charlize Theron 2013 onstage dress

2013 saw a return to elegance, as Theron walked the carpet in this cool white Dior with a daring plunge in the strapless neckline.  To top this, Charlize was asked to perform a dance on stage during the telecast, and was dressed in this floaty champagne gown that made her look like a modern-day Ginger Rogers.  One of my favorite dresses, and one of my favorite numbers.


Next update in about two weeks, with my own traditional “entry” for Oscar stardom.  (What, did you think I wasn’t going to put up a photo of me?  It doesn’t count for the prizes, of course, but I want to be there myself and air-kiss Daniel Radcliffe — or maybe John Barrowman, if he decides to drop in on Hollywood on March 2.)

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