2014 Oscar Fashion Photo Contest — Final Update, What I’ll Wear to the Oscars

Time keeps ticking, ticking away….  There’s just two and a half days left until submissions close on this year’s Oscar Fashion Photo Contest.  If you haven’t entered yet, now’s the time!  As of my last check, I had 57 entries in the two groups — far more on Flickr than Koinup(Come on, Koinup people!)  And I see some very strong contenders.  Let’s see what you can do!


I originally asked my contest question in 2008, during the first year of this blog, before I came up with the idea for the OFPC.  I chose two gowns that year:  one for the Oscar ceremony itself, and one to run through the parties afterwards.  I’m doing that again this year; but let’s frame the presentation a little differently.  Remember Lisavet Darchiev, my Russian author of mystery thrillers?  Well, as you may also recall, her first novel was turned into a movie; and, against all hope and the usual fall competition of “important films,” The Neva Emeralds has been nominated for best adapted screenplay.  So, guess where E. P. Darchiev, author of Cold-War mysteries set in Leningrad, is heading for?


“So, Elizaveta Petrovna, do you think you have a chance against these Americans tonight?”

Elizaveta Petrovna Darchiev, known to her sisters and friends as Lisavet, and to the world of thriller readers as E. P. Darchiev, laughed into the smartphone she was carrying with her.  “Uncle Vanya, it’s not me that’s nominated; it’s Gregory and Sam who wrote the screenplay!”

“Yes, but you wrote the book, my dear; so, if they win, it’s really you winning!” Uncle Vanya said with impeccable elder logic.

Tell that to the Screen Writer’s Guild, Lisavet thought to herself; but she wisely held her peace, and merely said, “The limousine is about to pull up, uncle; I must go now.  I’ll call the family tomorrow.  Dos vedanya, dyadya!”  She tapped off and tossed the phone on the console of the limousine with a sigh.  “That’s my Uncle Vanya; always looking for something to –”  She waved an expensively manicured hand in the air, lacking the words in English for once.

Gregory Boldini, co-author of the script with another man, grinned in sympathy.  “To raise the family status and stature?  Take it easy, luv; he’s no different than any other family patriarch out there.”

“Well, since I am not yet married, I think he looks for family fame and fortune to make up for my shocking lack of a husband.”  And she glared at the third man in the cabin of the limo as that one started laughing.  “And any more out of you, tovarisch, and your pretty fellow back in London will be filing for survivor’s benefits!”

Andrei Leonovich Nekrasov, Lisavet’s literary and business agent, merely laughed again.  “And then who will negotiate your next contracts for you, Lisavet Petrovna?  I think my Sascha need not fear for a while.  Look, we’re next in line.  Everyone get ready for the flashbulbs.”

“Assuming they pay any attention to us,” Lisavet said with Slavic fatalism.

“Lisavet, didn’t that appearance at the movie’s première convince you of anything?  Believe me, if I were into women, I’d be into you tonight.”

“Andrei Leonovich, I can’t believe you said that!”

Andrei winced.  “I can’t believe I said that either; apologies for the double entendre.”

Oscar gown a

Later, watching the award ceremonies with only half of her mind on the categories leading up to Best Adapted Screenplay, Lisavet admitted to herself that Andrei was probably right.  True, the cameras and smartphone flashes had not popped as thick and fast for her as for the actors and actresses arriving in front of the Dolby Theater, but there had been a gratifying amount of notice from everyone, including the reporters that always infested the red carpet at the Academy Awards.  And the compliments she had received for her style had been sincere.

Oscar gown b

Deciding that this night was chiefly for the stars, Lisavet had went with simplicity, and actually purchased her own dress for the night of March 2.  Echoing the theme of emeralds again, as she had done at the première of the movie, she had chosen an elegant strapless sheath from Zaara.  It’s split in front gave her ample ability to move, while the draping complimented her figure in all the right ways.  Keeping with the relative simpleness of her theme, her pileup hairdo by Truth Hawks and quiet purple makeup palette complemented the color of the gown nicely.

Oscar gown c

Where she had chosen to really shine was, again, in the jewelry.  Deciding to share the limelight this time among jewelry stores offering her picks for the show, Lisavet had settled on Lazuri’s splashy suite in emeralds and sapphires:  massive cut center stones set in gold and depending from smaller emeralds and sapphires.  Belle Roussel had looked a little miffed when Lisavet told her she was detouring this time from Chop Zuey; and Lisavet couldn’t blame her; they had grown into more than acquaintances, if not friends, over the months.  Lisavet grinned and promised her that, if The Neva Emeralds won the screenplay category, then Belle would get to do her party dress and jewels. As “her” category was called up by the actors on stage, Lisavet crossed her fingers and sent up a quick prayer, hoping that lightning would strike her again….

Oscar party dress a

Whether it was prayer or luck, she got to keep her promise to Belle Roussel, and managed to borrow a dressing room backstage to change in after answering the questions of the press alongside Gregory.  Making the rounds of the parties, she finally landed at a private affair being held by the Rose Theatre, sparkling almost from head to toe in one of the exotic, jewel-encrusted couture creations that Belle had branched into.  The skirt was very much a skirt, silver lamé that glittered with sequins and was “belted” by a black satin taffeta sash. Oscar party dress b

But the top and gloves were something else again.  The gloves dripped with diamonds and onyx set in silver, and were locked on by similar silver bracelets.  The top was no more than a bolt of black taffeta looped around her breasts halter-style, and tied off in back with a huge bow.  Both front and back sported massive diamond-and-onyx clips; and more shone from a choker necklace and heavy earrings.

Oscar party dress c

A few grace notes departed from the unity of the gown.  Belle had created a tiara that matched the rest of the gown’s gems, but Lisavet decided against this.  Instead, she had chosen an antique hair stick that her French mother had loaned to her for the night; and she wore a ring also done by Chop Zuey, and another ring that was a gift from a close friend.  All in all, sexy and sophisticated.

Oscar party dress d

A pity gems and haute couture couldn’t protect her from prosy bores; at one point, it was all she could do to keep from falling asleep like the cat beside her on the couch….


The details:


  • Skin: PXL Faith (SK NE LEB)
  • Eyes: Sterling Artistry SterlingResin Eyes (Marina)
  • Hair: Truth Magdalena (cranberry, w/roots)
  • Makeup (approximate application order): *BOOM* Flatter my eyes shadow (Purple); *BOOM* Liquid Glaze (Navy); Mystic Canvass Pouty Gloss (Blood Red)

At the Academy Awards:

  • Other body parts: SLink Mesh Hands (various positions, long nails)
  • Nail Polish:  A:S:S
  • Gown: Zaara Suhina sequin gown (emerald, mesh)
  • Shoes: N-core Coquette pumps (gold)
  • Jewelry: Lazuri All Glam Precious Gemstones bracelet, earrings and necklace

Photographed at the Rose Theatre Opera House

At the party:

  • Gown:  Chop Zuey La Vie en Rose (black; complete outfit with mesh skirt, prim top components, system gloves and suite of jewels)
  • Shoes:  N-core Slingback heels (silver)
  • Other jewelry:  Chop Zuey Ice Queen ring, Starburst hair stick and Feu Follet clutch

Photographed at the Rose Theatre Library

WindLight:  Isa cherry blossom (Advanced Lighting System)

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