5th Annual Oscar Fashion Photo Contest — And the Winners Are…. (Updated)

It took a week this time to make the choices for the winners of the 5th Annual Oscar Fashion Photo Contest — the quality was that good, as you’ll see when you check out all the entries at the Flickr and Koinup groups.  I went through six cuts to get down to a pool of seven finalists, and then I had to assign placements!  Once again, some of these could have gone either way on how I finally placed them, and all of them were sensational for many reasons.  My congratulations to everyone who entered, and my thanks as well for another successful year.

First Place, with a prize of $L10,000:


Jackson Redstar of Windlight Photography invoked the grandeur of the Golden Age of Hollywood with this black-and-white shot:  as I interpret it, a Hollywood veteran with his friend.  You can see the roofline of Graumann’s Chinese Theater in the background, and even a classic limousine at the curb, preparing to pull away to make room for the next arrivals.  Very, very well done!

The man is wearing a Fashion-V mesh tuxedo, while the woman is decked out in *JIM*, with vintage hair from Bliss Couture.

Second Place, with a prize of L$7,500:

India Canning

India Canning was getting ready to go out and present the next award, just after Helen Mirren did her turn.  Unfortunately, Helen had been chewing some gum before she went out, and had to get rid of it before she hit the stage.  Guess who found it…?

India wears Maitreya’s Vintage Lace, with hair by EMO-tions.

Third Place, with a prize of L$5,000:

Jadelyn McAuley-Stratford

Jadelyn McAuley-Stratford invited Jackson Greycloak as her date for her walk down the red carpet;  she pauses here in one of the popular evening gowns of the season, Zaara’s Suhina, which was my own choice for the ceremony.

Honorable Mentions (L$1,500 each; no particular order of placement):

Nimoe Constantine

Lucas Quingly and Nimoe Constantine made a smashing pair on the red carpet together; Nimoe wears a gown from LG and (once again) vintage hair from Bliss, while Lucas is in a Zaara jacket and pants from AAHAKEE.

Kaiden Draconia

Kaiden and Marc Draconia pause for a sweet personal moment in front of the logo backdrop.  Kaiden is in a blue LivGlam gown, with hair from Truth Hawks and vintage earrings by Alienbear Designs; Mark wears a Kauna tuxedo, with hair from Redgrave.

Vivena Resident

Vivena Resident scored another funny moment for the contest, doing a sort of reënactment of Jennifer Lawrence’s famous spill on the stairs at the 2013 Academy Awards.  (Jennifer did a two-fer herself this year on the red carpet, stumbling over a traffic cone on the way in.  I’m really starting to believe that there’s a ghost in the Dolby Theater that has it in for that young woman….)  Vivena wears an in-world version of Jennifer’s Dior Couture dress, which she recolored to a paler shade than the original purchase she made to more closely match Jennifer’s ivory gown.  The photographer is played by Honey Vesuvino, who will also receive a slice of the prize pie as co-winner.

salmanhameed 13

salmanhameed 13 and Raerae Messinez give us another walk-in moment; but you gotta wonder what Salman has on his mind here…or is he just winking at Raerae, or maybe the photographers?  Salman is in a Lapointe & Bastchild suit and Redgrave hair, while Raerae wears Rebel Hope and hair from DeLA.


Some other thoughts from this year’s contest, added after the initial publishing:

  • There were 65 entries at the close of the contest this year:  57 from Flickr and 8 from Koinup.  Not surprisingly, the odds were heavily skewed in favor of Flickr domination, and this was the case; none of the Koinup entries made it through to the seven finalists.  This despite the ability on Koinup to send out a broadcast message to all members of the group — 60 people as of this writing.  I really hope that Koinup will come in with more entries next year; there’s good stuff over there as well.
  • This year’s rules, combined with the added availability of prize money, allowed me to award equal prizes to each person in the photo instead of splitting it between each Resident.  As you may notice, most of the winners were team efforts this year (ka-ching!).  The final prize payout was L$39,500 to everyone.  (Ka-CHING!!!)
  • Two of the winners definitely knew how to put their silly on:  India Canning, and Vivena Resident with Honey Vesuvino.  Doing something funny isn’t a guarantee of winning — there were a few solo models without so much as a red carpet in the running to the end, but they were drowned out by the number of entries who were completely on theme.  But the humor was a definite plus in their cases.  Here’s a tip for next year:  a really good photo tells a story.  It isn’t just someone posing; the entire setting and composition takes a wordless art form and instills drama or pathos or humor into the viewer’s mind.  Keep that in mind when you start planning your entry for next year, and you may make my job judging even harder than it was this year!!
  • It’s lovely to see the gentlemen getting more representation in the contest.  The “testosterone ceiling” was broken last year by Carthalis Rossini with an honorable mention.  This year, we can boast of photos from or including eight men, and five of them placed in the finalists!


Congratulations again to the winners, and many thanks to all the entrants.  Be ready next January, for the Sixth OFPC; the contest will open on Nominee Morning, which you can find announced at the Web site for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

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