I Can Hear Clearly Now….

You may remember my posting a temporary note on here about a week ago, saying that I had purchased a new computer and was taking some time away from the blog to get the box loaded up with my software and generally tuned into submission.  Well, most of that work’s done, and this baby is a screamer.  When I finally put on the Second Life client and logged in, it was such a pleasure, with much higher graphics and smoother frame rate.  Clearly, the last two computers I’ve owned were a little behind the curve to cope with what Second Life demands these days.  Not that I couldn’t function before — remember, there’s over 1,000 articles on this blog over better than six years of Second Life.  But it’s so much finer now; I can even turn on the Advanced Lighting Model and leave it on, and I still have excellent functionality.

But the thing that gave me the most pleasure was having sound back to add to my in-world experience.  And the nicest part of that was just last night, when I stopped in to the Anglican Cathedral for morning prayer.  I had someone from Real Life to ask an intercession for, and it was great to hear Helene, the lay leader, taking us through the prayer book.  It took a few moments to tune up the volume to where I could hear her — and I needed to turn down the volume a few minutes later when another person began speaking — but Helene was very cooperative, pausing and testing with me for the minute it took to adjust everything needed.

Now I’ll be able to more fully participate in SL again — not just at prayer services, but in everything I choose to stop into!

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Posted May 1, 2014 by Harper Ganesvoort in Personal

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