Spaced Out in PurpleMoon

Spaced Out in PurpleMoon 1

Here I am on one of the companionways of my new starbase, which has since disappeared because I’m trying to make things easier to navigate and to cut prims.  (I don’t know why on the last, since I just bought the property next door to me, and my prim budget has doubled; I still have over 500 left to me.1)  I’ve been doing some retexturing to cut down on the “grunge” factor and just make it “sexier” for me.

Working on the starbase has kept me busy enough that I haven’t paid much attention to fashion of late.  But I did pick up a notecard from PurpleMoon, which made me take a break to run out to Poulet’s store and pick up this new dress, called (appropriately, for a spacegoing person) Leia.  I decided to combine it with the base, and with some other appropriate things for a “spacier” look — not as SF-based as I’d like, but still a beautiful look.

Most times, when you see me in this gold skin from Wunderlich’s, I’m thinking of myself as Ariel Sherman, another of my fiction characters2.  Without going into all the details here, Ariel is wealthy beyond belief from various business ventures and her work as a performer in a huge revue on one of the top pleasure planets in her sector of space.  What with all this, she can dress in the best whenever she likes.  Even in the 48th Century, though, “the best” doesn’t have to be insanely elaborate to be effective.  This simple gown is nothing more than a slip of silk, with an illusion of a wrapped Grecian-style belt about her waist.  Spaghetti straps of the same color as the “belt” slide over her shoulders to circle her shoulders and cross her back.

Spaced Out in PurpleMoon 1a

I love this deep plunge to the base of the spine as well — wonderfully sexy!  And, if you don’t like the colors — and you’ve bought the fatpack — just use the HUD control to select the color combo you prefer.

Spaced Out in PurpleMoon 2

What gives this confection the element of science fiction — beyond the role I’m playing — are these boots from NeurolaB.  The heel is no heel that you can speak of; you’re essentially standing on your toes in this footwear.  Another HUD allows you to control an accent stripe along the outer sides of the uppers, and even the appearance of the toe plates (which you can’t see here).

Spaced Out in PurpleMoon 3

If anything would give away the fact that Ariel isn’t fully biological, it’s her eyes — whorling focus-rings for the camera inputs her eyes have become.  These eyes are also from NeurolaB; but this is an older model which may have been superseded by now.  These are very nice, though; click on them, and you can control the form and speed of flash and spin for several different rings.  As for the jewelry, this is a set from Lazuri, but which appears to be available exclusively through PurpleMoon as far as I can tell for now.  You can find these in the new release area near the dress.

Starbase Elenia

This, incidentally, is the current arrangement I have for the starbase.  This may change again as time goes by.  To think that I originally planned just a shed to keep some of my inventory stored in!  It’s grown far beyond that, to the point that I keep an apartment in the upper pods (at the top of the photo), and am even making provisions for arrival of visitors I may decide to entertain.  Don’t be surprised if you see more of this in my photo work as time goes by.


The details:

  • Skin:  Wunderlichs Metal Skin (Gold)
  • Eyes:  NeurolaB Inc. Cyber Eyes EX4 “Deus Edition” V.1.1
  • Hair:  Tukinowaguma Eight
  • Nails:  MANDALA HUD nails (medium)
  • Dress:  PurpleMoon Leia Dress (mesh, HUD control fatpack edition)
  • Boots:  NeurolaB Inc. ACTIVA II Electro Black (mesh, HUD controls)
  • Makeup:  Zibska Ire eyeshadow (Blue); BOOM Liquid Glaze (lashed black); Mystic Canvass Pucker Gloss (Dark Blue)
  • Jewelry:  Lazuri Saffi suite (bracelets, earrings, necklace)

Photographed aboard Starbase Elenia.


1  I can’t decide if this is a boast, or just a totally irrelevant explanation.  I leave this as an exercise for the reader.
2 Ariel is a cyborg, changed forcefully by an evil woman, who won freedom for herself and many more like her, along with the help of her human lover. Adam was converted to a ‘borg as well, by accident; but this now gives the pair many, many lifetimes of love together, including the raising of a ‘borg child — the first child of their new species.

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