2014 SL Sci-Fi Convention

If you haven’t yet popped in to any of the Science Fiction Alliance’s Sci-Fi Convention, do so as soon as possible.  The last day is June 8, so you won’t have gobs of time to attend, but it isn’t too hard on the feet to go to this con.


There’s an excellent tram system that crosses through all six sims of the con, and flying is permitted — quite logical in a sci-fi world (grin).  Don’t come loaded down with linden dollars, though, aside from making contributions to the American Cancer Society — this is a Relay for Life event, after all.  (Speaking of which, if you’ll look at the east side of the map, you’ll see the Fashion for Life sims are going up; it’s almost time for this leader in the charity events to begin, so watch the calendars for the announcement.)

Here’s photos I’ve taken from the con to whet you’re appetite.  If interested, just follow this link to the telehub page.

Sci-Fi Convention_005 Sci-Fi Convention_004 Sci-Fi Convention_003 Sci-Fi Convention_002 Sci-Fi Convention_001b Sci-Fi Convention_001

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