Fashion for Life — American Cancer Society Region

Fashion for Life 2014 is open, with 10 sims to explore and shop in — but there’s an eleventh that may not be as visited as the others.  Most of the FFL events have a sim laid aside for the recipients of the monies raised during the largest charity event in Second Life, the American Cancer Society.  ACS’ people build exhibits and information sources, and other venues within their region to more fully speak about what all the fun and fashion is for during this period.  Following are pictures from this year’s ACS region, which I suggest you visit as well as the other 10.

The Resource Library contains links to information about the ACS’ activities and what you can do to reduce your risk or improve your chances.

American Cancer Society -- Resource Library

Hope Haven is dedicated to the successes — the survivors and their families, and to those who are suffering but still hope for a cure for their cases and a normal life.

American Cancer Society -- Hope Haven 6 American Cancer Society -- Hope Haven 5 American Cancer Society -- Hope Haven 4 American Cancer Society -- Hope Haven 3 American Cancer Society -- Hope Haven 2 American Cancer Society -- Hope Haven 1

This is the tenth Fashion for Life; the Events Garden has rolling pictures of previous events back to the beginning.

American Cancer Society -- Events Garden

Programs and talks go on at the Amphitheater…

American Cancer Society -- Amphitheatre

…and the Memorial is dedicated to Residents who have lost their fight with the disease; a rolling photo screen shows the names and in-world faces of those who are no longer with us.

American Cancer Society -- Memorial

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