Checking Out Old Goodies — Mimikri Helena

How Do I Keep My Hair In Place Driving This Thing b 1

“Hmmm…?  Oh; hello, dear.  How can I help you tonight?…”

(Sounds of low nattering and grommishing in the background)

How Do I Keep My Hair In Place Driving This Thing b 1a

“You say you have a question?  No problem, ducks; to get to Regent’s Park, just turn left up at the next corner that way.  And make sure to watch out for the pedestrians; they do love to ignore the zebra crossings and just jump out.”

(Natter, natter, natter)

“Oh, that wasn’t what you needed?  Sorry ’bout that, luv; I’ve a party on my mind right now.  Wotcha need?”

(Grommish, grommish, grommish)

How Do I Keep My Hair In Place Driving This Thing b 2

“How do I keep my hair in place while I’m driving with the top down…?  Easy-peasy, luv.  All it takes is three cans of hair spray, a can of mousse, a big blow-dryer, and a lot of positive thought when I get over 20 kph.”  (She taps her knuckles against the shellacked curls of her hairstyle; they shake, but refuse absolutely to deform or move more.)  “Oh, and a hole in the ozone layer big enough to throw the unabridged Oxford English Dictionary through width-wise.”

How Do I Keep My Hair In Place Driving This Thing b 3

“Cheers, now!  I’ve a very important meeting, if you take my meaning….”


In the ever-ongoing battle with my Inventory, I came across these old favorites, and decided to do a vintage shoot.  Mimikri’s Helena ensemble still looks darn good, though the rigid panels of the leather cape have fallen out of favor and mesh is all the rage over system clothing.  But if it looks good, don’t throw it out; glory in the beauty of vintage, even in Second Life, where change is all.  Who knows but you could start a new trend among your friends for the old stuff…?

Everything here is vintage, in fact, and no longer available, except for my SLink hands and feet, the nail polish on them, the jewelry suite, the eyes and the tall, tall sandals.  I’m even wearing a skin I don’t use much anymore due to its hard red lips, and I went without additional makeup here because of that lipstick.  Do you have any of this on hand?  Read the list below, and see….


How Do I Keep My Hair In Place Driving This Thing b 4

The details:

Skin: PXL Candy (SK SE RedLips LEB; no longer available)
Eyes: Poetic Colors gold flakes (sapphire (m))
Hair: Vanity Hair Diorissima HP (Silver; no longer available); PurpleMoon Tattoo Hairbase (Steel)
Hands: SLink mesh (casual)
Dress: Mimikri Helena (Venice; no longer available)
Cape: Mimikri Helena leather cape (merlot; no longer available)
Shoes: Baby Monkey Olwen (SLink High feet)
Jewelry: EarthStones Radiance suite (diamonds/gold)

Photographed in London City2 region.

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