6th Oscar Fashion Photo Contest — Advance Warning

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This is a heads-up for long-time readers and participants:  the preliminary balloting has begun for the 2015 Academy Awards.  The nominees will be announced on January 15.

That means that it’s time to start planning your entries and booking studio time (or finding locations) for the 6th Annual Oscar Fashion Photo Contest.  The submission groups will open on January 15 immediately following the announcement of nominees — but you’ll only have until the end of the Oscar ceremonies on February 22 to get in your entry.  For reasons unknown to me (can’t say why they didn’t consult me on the matter, but there it is), they moved the program up a week or so from its usual early March point.

That’s not going to give you much time this year to pull your look together, and I was tempted to extend the contest by a week or two to compensate.  However, I’ve chosen to hold that in reserve for the off chance that we don’t get many entries by “official” contest end.  Any road, I wouldn’t dally or shilly-shally about choosing your look and getting it photographed, hoping that I will stretch the deadline.  Take what time you need, and remember to be creative.  Here’s a link to last year’s rules, but don’t count these as completely gospel for now, as there are often tweaks made to cover new situations — one reason why it’s 11 lines long now.  This year’s rules will be published officially on January 15.  It goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway:  read them in full and carefully.

But, most important, have fun with the contest!


Here below find the past winners’ announcements.  You can see the progression in theme and quality over the years.  I’m looking forward to good stuff; the Flickr and Koinup groups will open on January 15!

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