The Kino Haus

Kino Haus 1

A quickie today; I’m squeezing a lot into a little time, and I’ll be gone from a good connection later in the week.  Anyway, if you’d like a little film entertainment sometime, consider stopping by the Kino Haus.  I discovered it while searching for “avant” items (as in avant garde).  It’s not huge; a simple two-room skybox, enclosed from the view.  You’ll beam in here, at the concession stand.  Pick up whatever goodies you choose, then step through the curtain —

Kino Haus 2

— to the second room, with comfy chairs and a pillow or two (and a donation meter, which I very nicely fed for the owner to help pay for the stream).  There’s a group you can join for updates on coming attractions.

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