6th Annual Oscar Fashion Photo Contest Announcement

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After consulting with the Editorial Staff of Around the Grid — meaning the voices in my head — and taking into consideration that the time frame for this year’s Academy Award voting is going to be shorter than usual, I’ve decided to go ahead and kick off this blog’s annual tradition.  Once this announcement goes up, I’ll be opening up the groups on Flickr and Koinup for submissions, and the 6th Annual Oscar Fashion Photo Contest will have begun.  If you haven’t already started putting together your look for walking down the red carpet at the Dolby Theater on February 22, now’s the time to get going on it.  You’ll have about five weeks to build a look and get your photos submitted.

Please note, men as well as women are welcome to enter!!!  We’ve had a few fellows in the past, and they made it nicely through the cuts, though they were usually more escorts for the women.  My only criteria in this area is that the photo has to be good.  So find yourselves a good formal suit, all you Male Models, and give this contest a shot.

The prize pool is once again a guaranteed L$28,500, with L$10,000 to first place.  That’ll get a lot of shopping done at Azul and PurpleMoon (grin).  So, if you want a chance at filling your virtual closet at my expense, come on and enter!

Please read these rules carefully, as it will prevent many misunderstandings, letters/IMs/notecards, and headaches.

  1. Photos must be submitted by addition to the SL Oscar Fashion group on Flickr or the Oscar Fashion group on Koinup. Please read the group rules before submitting photos to the groups!! Exception: you may also leave a comment to this or future messages concerning the contest, containing a link to the photo. All accepted submissions from publication time of this article until 12:01 a.m. SLT on February 23, 2015 will be considered for judging.  Both groups are moderated, and any submissions not meeting the contest rules will be rejected and considered ineligible for entry. The same applies for comment submissions to the blog.
  2. Entries may be in any avatar species available.  (This is an experimental allowance, changing for this year from the preference for human avatars only.  If this works, the rule will become permanent.)
  3. Maximum of two named avatars in any one photo (for purposes of awarding prizes, and to avoid breaking the bank).
  4. (Revised 1/16/15 to account for a new situation.)  Multiple entries are not allowed. If you enter, then change your mind and want to do a different dress, the newer entry will supersede the old one. Multiple entries will also not be accepted between the Flickr and Koinup groups, either of the same photo or of different photos.  If a duplicate entry is discovered by me, the older entry (based on publication date stamp) will be removed.  No prejudice to eligibility or judging shall result from multiple entries.
  5. Photos taken prior to December 1, 2014 (based on publication date stamp) are not eligible.  Still photos only, please; no machinima or storyboards.  Post-production is allowed.
  6. Vintage fashion is acceptable, as a tribute to the long history of Oscar red carpets and ceremonies.  Oscar has been around since 1929; there’s plenty of opportunity to dip into the vintage-style closet.
  7. Vendor cards will not be allowed; neither will photos with advertising text or logos in the owner’s notes or comments. You will, however, be welcome to submit a “stripped” photo for contest purposes; “stripped” means no text, logos or other extraneous material, either in the photo or in the description below, aside from the normal list of who designed what. (Such a list of designers is, indeed, encouraged!)
  8. Judging:  I will review the entries following close of the contest, and attempt to announce the winners no later than March 16, 2015 (tentative, subject to change backward or forward). Judging will be based on the appropriateness of the entry to the theme, and the artistic merit.  All decisions will be final.
  9. Publication:  By entering, you agree to allow me the one-time right to republish a reduced-size copy of your photo in the winners’ announcement article in Around the Grid. This will be the only use of the photograph beyond your own publication and other grants of permission to other venues of publication. Your copyright will be noted in a caption to your reproduced photo. I strongly encourage all submissions to be signed in a corner! All photos will be linked to their respective pages in the article where possible, for readers to jump to the photo page and leave comments, faves, retweets and likes, etc.
  10. If there are any tweaks needed to these rules, they will be announced in a future article here on the blog, and this article amended, with notes.
  11. Needless to say, I’m not eligible (grin).

Prizes for Second Life winners:

Current as of January 8, 2015

The prize pool for Second Life will be L$28,500, awarded as follows (unless there is a tie):

  • 1st Place — L$10,000
  • 2nd Place — L$7,500
  • 3rd Place — L$5,000
  • Honorable mention (4) — L$1,500 each

This prize pool is guaranteed, and will not be reduced. If there is an increase in the pool, it will be announced here and in a separate article, and the prizes adjusted accordingly.

Generally, prizes will be awarded to the submitter of a given photo; therefore, if the photographer was not the model, and the photographer submitted the photo, the photographer gets the prize.  In case of a tie, prizes at the tied levels will be pooled and split equally. In case of a “dual” entry winner (two Residents in one photo), equal, full prizes at the placement level will be awarded when both Residents are identified by name; otherwise, a single award will be given to the submitting Resident, who will be responsible for any split with their partner.  (I will make reasonable effort to identify the second avatar.)  (I would encourage photographers to make an arrangement with their model for any split of winnings.) Prizes will be awarded in Linden dollars only; none will be paid in Real World currencies of any form or nationality, in Bitcoins, gift/debit/credit cards, by check, or in any other token/medium of exchange.

Note:  I like to write up a few comments about each photo, including the designers of your choices; so, again, a list of the content creators in the photo description on Flickr or Koinup or your blog is extremely welcome.

Past winners’ announcements:

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