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Since when, you say, is it new that I’m dressed up like some alien creature?  Well, it’s new in this sense:  I’m also wearing SLink hands and feet in all of these pictures.

Fallen Gods appliers 3 Fallen Gods appliers 4

Fallen Gods has started, since the last time I’ve visited the store, to add in appliers for SLink hands and feet (as well as other goodies which I don’t use) on a gradual basis.  In this case, I’m using appliers for the ONYRICA Ethos skin, matching the blue tattoo overlay across the gold skin.  Not everything is available yet; I’m hoping that they’ll kick out one for a plain gold and silver skin sometime in the future.  Until then, I’ll have to be patient and adapt.  But, if you enjoy looking not quite part of the crowd, but were frustrated by your choices in footwear, say, many of your problems may now be relieved!

Fallen Gods appliers 2

As for the outfit itself, this is Ylla, from the A Tattered Page event taking place in Port Seraphine (see the details below).  This event is celebrating one of the more famous books by the Grand Master, Ray Bradbury, The Martian Chronicles, and the dress is named after one of the first characters in the stories, Ylla K.  Lots of other goodies, especially masks are available — masks were often used to conceal or portray emotions in Bradbury’s Martian culture — so a visit to this event is a good thing before it closes on January 31.

Fallen Gods appliers 5


The details:

  • Skin: Fallen Gods ONYRICA (Ethos Gold skin, Blue tattoo)
  • Eyes: Fallen Gods Yellow Coin Eyes
  • Hair: Vanity Hair The One (Azure)
  • Attachments: Slink Casual hands and High feet
  • Outfit: Senzafine Ylla Halter Gown (mesh, available at A Tattered Page event)
  • Shoes: *PROMAGIC* Wrap it Heels (Slink High)
  • Jewelry: Finesmith rocks onyx ring; DDL onyx/silver ring
  • Makeup: MONS Makeups black eyeliner series 9; elymode makeup – red & gold 2; Mystic Canvass Pouty Gloss-Blood Red

WindLight: Torley’s SCIFI – Beautiful

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