Does Second Life history matter?

History is definitely important, whether the world be real or virtual. Be sure to take a look at this, and visit the LEA region with the exhibit. You can test your knowledge by taking the quiz (linked to in this article). I took it; and, despite being around since 2007 and doing a lot of reading about SL, scored only 68%. A pass, but just!

Canary Beck

The History of Second Life - 1In this post, I’ll share why I think it’s important to know our history – even if it’s virtual – my impressions of the new Second Life history exhibition at LEA17, my suggestions on improving and enhancing the exhibition, and my hopes for the future of exhibits like these.

Why is Second Life history important?

I’m fascinated by history. I see it in everything, everywhere, and all the time. I’m even interested in the history of Second Life. What? Second Life has a history? Sure it does, and it’s a very interesting history too! But why should we care? Why do we have to remember all those facts years after they happened. It’s not like there’s a test is there? After all, what difference does yesterday’s news make?

A lot.

In the introduction to his YouTube video series on Crash Course: World History, John Green answers the question that nearly every teacher has…

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