Windows 10 Seems to Be Working Smoothly

Copyright 2015 by PC Mag.

Copyright 2015 by PC Mag.

I have returned from the world of updating Windows 8.1, also known as the Mildly Darned, to Windows 10.  And I can pretty reliably report to those considering it, or waiting to get the green flag from Microsoft, that it was a 99% smooth ride.

The worst part was the wait while everything downloaded and installed; but even that is not as bad as previous editions of Windows.  I got my current Black Tower of Elminster done in 1.25 hour, give or take maybe five minutes.  There were no glitches in the process, only two restarts, and it seemed a very satisfying operation.  I would counsel you to make sure your antivirus software is up to date, to be sure it’s running correctly with Windows 10 from the get go, and to recheck it when the new install settles in for fresh update files and drivers.  A reasonable precaution here, which may save much hassle in the future.

The most surprising moment was, ironically, when I went to open Firestorm.  I got a notice saying it couldn’t find my graphics card.  A quick dive into Control Panel to update Nvidia’s driver, and all seems to be well now; I’ve signed in, cleared my waiting notifications and shot a light photo (but still at 4,000 pixels), and all seems smooth.  So definitely update your graphics driver before starting a client; it would need it anyway, so it makes sense to do it before starting up anything that’s graphics-intensive, like Second Life.

Perhaps the most pleasant thing?  That Which Was Lost has now been Found — the Start Button has returned!  Microsoft, in its infinite insanity of trying to be over-current with the times, dropped Start in Windows 8.  It has now been restored, and no workarounds from third-party vendors are required.

This is by no means a comprehensive endorsement of Windows 10 yet.  Reviews from PC Mag have been excellent, and I’ve encountered no great problems to date; but one of my spies reports there have been some complaints about drivers for some programs updating, then Win 10 slams them back to the old driver on restart.  I haven’t encountered this yet, but I may not use whatever software these people were using.  Your Mileage May Vary. I also haven’t tried out the new Edge browser to see if it is an actual improvement over Internet Exploiter, uh, Explorer; though, again, the reviewers have been fairly complimentary.  At this point, though, I would encourage you to go ahead and update.  It’s free (for a year, to current users who have a compatible computer), it’s comprehensive, and I haven’t crashed yet.  Give it a shot and see what you get.

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