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It’s been a lot of reblogs over the past day; believe it or not, I still believe in original writing! But this is too big, I suspect, to wait for me to get the thing installed and give you my thoughts. Anyway, if this is as good as the brief release notes promise — I haven’t been into the full notes — you’ll want this version of Firestorm. For me, the biggest thing is the promise of 60 attachments (“wearable layers”) of all types (tattoos, etc.) combined, instead of 5/each type. This could result in all sorts of interesting combinations / abuses (evil smile). There’s more, and Daniel notes a few quick highlights. For all the details, get thee to the Firestorm site.

Daniel Voyager

On 18th August 2015 the Firestorm team announced a new version of the Firestorm Viewer This is a major release including Experience Tools, Project Layer Limits, the return of the Linux 64-bit build, Attachment Fixes, Viewer Managed Marketplace, Bug Fixes and much more.

I would imagine soon Firestorm Viewer versions 4.6.1 and 4.6.5 will be blocked, stay tuned for an announcement in the weeks ahead. It’s worth doing a clean install for this latest Firestorm Viewer release for the best results.

Here are some snapshots of the new changes in, see below.

Firestorm Viewer 4.7.3 c

Updated Experience floaters – you can check Experiences that have been either allowed, blocked or owned. Also land owners can display info on Experiences running on the region.

Firestorm Viewer 4.7.3 g Click the << / >> button to switch between the large and small previews when taking a snapshot

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