Walking in Knightsbridge

ryvolter in Knightsbridge 96,117,21 1

(The woman pauses and smiles as she turns to greet the reporter.)

Oh!  Hello, luv; whatcha want to know today?

(Natter natter natter)

Eh, I’m just out for a walk today.  Knightsbridge is a lovely place to wander about; and, if you cross the road, you’ve got Hyde Park to add in as well, all green and beautiful in the summer.  And then there’s Speakers’ Corner up in the Park, where (in Second Life) you have the right to use voice.

ryvolter in Knightsbridge 96,117,21 2

Perfect day for a jumper like this, isn’t it?  If you listen to the fashion mavens, they’ll tell you to wear any bloody thing that catches their fancy; but if you want to be stylish, as in Your Own Style, you should be comfortable as well.  Nice lines, flowing jersey, and I like the flare of the trouser legs.  I just have to watch out for my heels, so the cuff doesn’t get caught underneath.  You wouldn’t believe what spike heels can do to trouser cuffs.

ryvolter in Knightsbridge 96,117,21 3

Wall, ta, mate; can’t stand still today, it’s just too nice to waste.

ryvolter in Knightsbridge 96,117,21 4 ryvolter in Knightsbridge 96,117,21 5 ryvolter in Knightsbridge 96,117,21 6


The details:

  • Skin: Glam Affair Cleo (America – Clean B)
  • Eyes: MUDSKIN Gallaxy Eyes (Blue3)
  • Hair: MK Hair Studio Selina Kyle
  • Attachments: SLink Casual hands and High feet
  • Nails: ZOZ Elegant Curve II
  • Pantsuit: ryvolter by Vive Nine Coline Pleated Jumpsuit (Olive)
  • Shoes: N-core Isis
  • Accessories: Lazuri Heritage Pearl suite; Mulier x 1992 Prouler Clutch (Noir Croc)
  • Makeup: SlackGirl Nebula 04; Miamai LesMakeups Lashes 15 (vintage); Buzzeri Gem Lips (Ruby; vintage)

Photographed in Knightsbridge region

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