Elanor: New Friend On the Island

Adoring Elanor

I’ve been working on various things, but I’ve also been getting acquainted with my new friend here.  Meet Elanor, a purebred Firestorm KittyCat, acquired during the fifth anniversary celebration for the independent Second Life client.  She’s full-grown now, and reminds me in her chunkiness of one of my RL cats, which I’ve had to put on a diet to get her weight down.  But she’s a beauty any road, needs remarkably little care, and seems very content to live in the house for the long times I’m not on hand there.  I’ve taken her up to the starbase once, but she can’t wander the halls, due to the construction of the linking modules.  If I ever free up some room and redesign the place with the custom-layout walls from Exosphere, I’ll be able to do halls without thresholds.

In the meantime, Elanor hangs around the house.  I did let her outside one time, but she promptly plunged into the pool, and just started walking around there, trying to find a way out.  I’ll need to see if moving her out farther, onto the grass, will solve that problem.  But if you meet her during October, when I’ll be opening up the Cayo to visitors for listening to MPIR Mystery Radio, make sure to take a minute and give her some petting.

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Posted September 26, 2015 by Harper Ganesvoort in Personal

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