7th Annual Oscar Fashion Photo Contest — Update 1: Lupita Nyong’o

The Contest this year is going through it’s usual first weeks blues — there’s four entries at the moment.  I’m hoping a lot more Residents will enter before closing time, and you can help on this:

  • Enter yourself!  (Uh, yeah….)
  • Spread the word among your friends

Remember, there’s a shade better than L$50,000 at stake, and the winner gets half of that!


Now that the business is out of the way, let’s get to the fun part of the first contest update:  taking a look at this year’s feature actress.  In just a few year’s, Lupita Nyong’o has set the red carpet watchers spinning with her beauty and grace in personal appearances.  She was born in Mexico to Kenyan parents (thus her Hispanic first name), and came to public attention in her first big role, as Patsey in 2013’s 12 Years a Slave.  She also took the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for that film, duplicating Marlee Matlin in winning an Academy Award for her first major role.  She began appearing at functions in January 2014, with this entrance at the Golden Globes Awards:

Lupita 1

The cape coming off the top hem of this Ralph Lauren gown gave Lupita the same kind of sweeping entrance a more formal evening wrap or train would; that and the orange color caught attention, and Hollywood was put on notice that a top contender for fashion palms was here, as well as a young actress of high quality.

Lupita 2

Come February and the Oscars, Lupita took the top award in her category, and appeared in this Prada dress:  pale blue, as a contrast to the hot orange of January, with Grecian influences in its pleated draping.  I’ve never been entirely pleased myself with the “hairband” she (or her stylist) added as an accessory that night, but that’s a minor carp; she was still stunning.

Lupita 5

That same year, Lupita stepped out at the BAFTA Awards in this brilliant emerald-green Dior gown.  Someone wrote somewhere that Jennifer Lawrence (a partisan and spokeswoman for Dior) should take notes — possibly referring to Jennifer’s famous spill on the stairs as she went up to accept her Best Actress award in a massive Dior ballgown.

Lupita 3

The winners of the previous year in the acting categories are, traditionally, the presenters the next year to their opposite number.  In 2015, Lupita handed the Best Supporting Actor award to J. K. Simmons, while gowned in this ivory Calvin Klein creation.  The gown is encrusted with some 6,000 pearls, and she chose pearl-encrusted shoes to match!

Lupita 4

It’s always party time after the ceremonies, and Lupita changed (as many of the actresses do) into something a bit more suitable — depending on your definition of “suitable” — for making the rounds.  In this case, walking around in over 6,000 pearls, probably with a security guard in tow to watch out for the dress as well as Lupita, was definitely not “suitable,” and so she changed into another Calvin Klein for the after parties (here at the Vanity Fair party).


Next update in a week or so.  Get those entries in!

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