A Home With Stairs!

Harper's new home 1

I’m slowly wearing Conan Bankersbox down.  He’s joined WordPress, and my blog here.  This will allow him to publish his photos on the blog instead of sending them to me and adding a step.  He’s still refusing to write, however; insists writing isn’t his bag, man.  (No, that’s not a quote.)

But, when he gets it together, he takes good photos, mostly landscapes.  Witness:  the shots he took for me of my brand new home — a house with a stairway that I can actually walk down without stumbling over my feet and landing on my–

(A small man carrying a large flounder materializes, and whacks Harper across the face)

Uh, that I can actually descend safely and comfortably, as well as ascend.  I tend to prefer multi-floor houses; however, I guess to conserve floor space, the staircase is far too steep and small.  Most circular staircases suffer the same problem.  You’re corkscrewing your way around either form in either direction, and either stumble off the stairs or hurtle down them when going down.  This model, by Maven Homes, is perhaps 95% perfect.  I still “fly through the wall” with my camera angle as I go up, but I could solve that by tightening up some.  And I can go down without stumbling or turning somersaults.

Overall, this house — Kay II by Maven Homes — is about 90-95% wonderful.  I found it by visiting the model home at Kelini’s and Maven’s Home Expo display — also an excellent house — and then going to their main store to examine other possibilities before I committed.  I’d myself recommend purchasing the bare house; I went for the furnished one, then pulled most of the furniture out and replaced it with old and new purchases.  Your mileage may vary, though, such things come down to a personal call.  (The furniture for the furnished version is in the model house at the main store, so you’ll have a chance to try them out.)

Harper's new home 2

The kitchen and dining rooms are one area, in an open-concept layout.  I would encourage Maven to put in pose options for this area (cooking on the stove, raiding the fridge, nuking something in the microwave, etc.), but the layout is spacious and tasteful.

Harper's new home 3

The dining-room set I chose (excepting for the carpet and painting, which came with the house) were also purchased after a trip to the Home Expo, from beYou / Twisted & Bent.  The set is called Atlantica; it includes the table and chairs, the two cabinets you see here, and the larger cupboard in the previous photo.  A HUD (which I would lay on the table or floor to use) allows lots of customization possibilities; indeed, beYou offers a selection of HUD packs for the furniture, and also for the dishware that will rezz in front of a sitter.

Harper's new home 4

This area upstairs was laid out as a second living room.  I’ve converted it to my office area — I see I still need a few visitor’s chairs.  I’m also still searching for a desk I’m completely in love with — and now it needs to be a touch more compatible with the existing décor (grin).  Some patience will surely reward here.

Harper's new home 5

The only things I kept in the bedroom were the painting, end tables with lamps, and the carpet.  Luckily, my old furniture has colors in it that go with the general bluish color scheme of the house.  I also added in the fireplace from my previous house.  This makes for a cozy place to myself when I want privacy.  There’s a bathroom behind this view as well.

Harper's new home 6

Conan insists all the home and garden magazines with celebrity articles have them popping up at least once in an evening gown, so here I am in the living room!  Actually, one of my favorite H&G books was Domicilium Decoratus by Kelly Wearstler, with her in the various rooms of the home she did the interiors of herself, in couture gowns.  So this only makes sense, I guess (grin).  (I’ll write the gown, one of Kelini’s best, up in a few days if I get the chance.  As for trying to duplicate Kelly Wearstler’s style, I don’t have the prims…but it’s tempting!)  The seating and two globe lamps are by beYou again, and this time are from the Home Expo.  There’s plenty of poses in the set — 120 for PG, 200 if you buy the adult version.

So there you have it.  Unless something even more comfortable comes along, I think I’m finally set up here with a house I can love.  And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna kick off my virtual heels and relax on this lovely couch.  Thanks again, Conan!

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