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HiiRize in Kensington 1

Little changes can make big differences.  That’s what my mother always told me, and you can see that in fashion, especially in Second Life fashion.  It’s so easy to make changes here, and make your appearance such a different thing!

Harper’s been telling you how we’re doing storyboarding posing along with her, for a short story she’s working on.  One of the outfits we chose just popped up at The Instruments for their current cycle — HiiRize by Blac Label Boutique1.  You can’t tell the asymmetrical drape of the top too well because of my hair here, but the top is cut on the bias from the left down, and looks quite up to date for the fashion-forward woman of our day.  Along with this, I’m wearing a big “portrait” hat from Lode (you really need to go to them for hats and flower headdresses!) — something that makes the suit look incredibly chic for a spring or summer day in the park.

HiiRize in Kensington 2

HiiRize in Mesa 5 1

But the odd cut of the top also makes it look a little futuristic, and we’re taking advantage of it (potentially) for my character.  In the storyboard photos, I’m playing Bella, a wealthy shipping-company owner who lives on a colony world some six or seven hundred years into the future.  Fashion will surely have changed a whole bunch by that time; probably there will be a much more local kind of style on that planet, when communications with Earth aren’t as instantaneous as they are around the world here in 2016.  Unfortunately, since neither one of us can “sew” here in Second Life, we have to interpolate what future fashion will look like, and the simple way to do that is with small changes that noodge the look forward.  The chief one here, aside from an added pair of “prim” lashes (that I can’t decide if they’re in place properly or not) is my hair.  Hats often show a high-society woman in our time — imagine when, as fashion spins around and around, some kind of headgear become almost a requirement for the fashionable to wear to show off their status.

HiiRize in Mesa 5 2

So my long hair has gone bye-bye.  Instead, I’m wearing a more upswept style, filled with flowers in the back; perched on my brow, you’ll find an Asian-style headpiece from (appropriately) Modern Couture.  Their tiaras seemed to be a little much; but this fan-folded piece, attached to gold branches with tiny red flowers, works very nicely.  You don’t see a look like that on the streets these days, anywhere you go.  But if hats become more a fashion fixture for a time, this look could work.

six o'clock e cigarette

One other tweak to the outfit:  I was using a cigarette in a long cigarette holder in the “now” photos.  Here in the future, I’m vaping with the new e-cigarette from six o’clock, which you can still pick up at Cosmopolitan.  It comes in the box without poses or animations; but we worked out how to fix that, as all the pieces you purchase are modifiable.  We were able to copy the scripts from another cigarette holder, and add them to this e-cig, along with the associated exhaler script and smoke emitter.  After that, it’s the usual tweaking of position so that, when I raise the unit to my face, the mouthpiece will actually go into my lips.


1 Update, April 26, 2017 — I’ve found out that Blac Label Boutique isn’t operating in world anymore. However, the outfit is still available on the Marketplace.


Location: London Knightsbridge

Poses by Diesel Works, Glitterati and Kinesis

I’m wearing:

  • Skin: Amacci Skin Tyne (Cream – 01 Natural)
  • Eyes: Avi-Glam Ada Eyes – Green – S
  • Hair: Truth Hair Shaylee
  • Attachments: SLink Avatar Enhancement Feet Deluxe; SLink Avatar Enhancement Hands
  • Outfit: Blac Label Boutique HiiRize top and leather pants (Fiesta) (available at April’s The Instruments)
  • Shoes: Azoury Whim (black and white)
  • Accessories: Lode Crimson Hat (black); Anachron Cigarette Holder – Bronze and Black (group gift); EarthStones Soar necklace and earrings (Night Mist); Indy & Co.(Indyra) Snakeskin Clutch (Gold)
  • Makeup (application order): Sascha’s Designs Smokey Eyes No. 3; Zibska Arca eyeshadow (07); MUA All the Ways Eyeliner (Pack 1 – 1); Amacci Eyelash Tattoo 3; Arte Glamorous Eyebrows (ash blonde); Senzafine Color Theory: Shift Lipstick (Red to Gold 01 (Vibrant))


Location: Mesa 5 (this SLurl will take you to the beam-in point for the entire RP complex)

Poses by PosESioN

My changes:

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