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Harper hasn’t written much about Zana Sherman as a grown adult yet in her Ariel Sherman stories; she’s mainly looking at Zana’s early years when she puts the girl in one of her Ariel stories.  But she does have one story, where she has Zana in her twenties appearing between the main sections of her as a child, getting ready to watch a documentary of her life as the first naturally-born cyborg.   (It’s a long story; she’s outlined it for me, so ask Harper for the details.)  When she wants a photo of Zana as an adult, Harper comes to me.

Here, I’m borrowing the character once, and I have her on a trip, laying over for a brief time at a star station while waiting for the boarding call on the next liner in her journey.  She’s wearing a dress that it took me and Harper a day or so to track down; the photo Harper spotted originally didn’t identify the dressmaker, and neither one of us had seen ads for it.  Here’s your chance, though — it’s Ellea from [sYs], and at their main store.  Just remember to look up to find it — it’s on an upper display.


I’m wearing:

    • Boots: BAX Coen Prestige 2 boots (black)
    • Eyes: NeurolaB Inc. EX-5 cyber eyes
    • Body and feet: Maitreya Lara
    • Jewelry: Real Evil ReVoX aviator watch; Maxi Gossamer Roho earrings and necklace (V2, silver)
    • Hands: Vista Animations ProHands
    • Head: Akeruka Vanessa 2.6 Bento
    • Dress: sYs Ellea (midnight)
    • Hair: Letituier Lybra
    • Skin: Fallen Gods Pure (gold)
    • Makeup:
      • Lashes: SlackGirl Mindi (Akeruka)
      • Eyeshadow: Zibska Fabiana (Omega, slot 1)
      • Lipstick: Zibska Sable (Omega, slot 5)
      • Nails: La Boheme Egyptian Lines Gold (Omega, slot 1)

    Photographed at Solaris Station

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