Family and Friends


4767 C. E.

Ariel Sherman, relaxing one night on the front terrace of her mansion in Vidran City, saw the flitter descend from traffic level outside the estate, aiming for the parking area in front of the garage. The golden cyborg smiled as she recognized the color and markings on the air vehicle. Laying aside her bookpadd on a side table, she stood and headed down the stairs to the ceramacrete pathway between house and garage.

Two figures were closing the hatches on the flit as Ariel approached: both women, both cyborg. Zana, Ariel’s eldest child, grinned and waved a greeting, shouting, “Hi, Mom! The bad centicredit returns home!”

“Never bad; just, shall we say, determined,” Ariel laughed back. She closed the distance between them and wrapped Zana in a hug. “But what are you doing here, and why is the familiar person over there with you?”

“Simple; I ran into her on the street. My date for the night called me and turned into a no-show; I was heading back to the flit when I caught sight of Lin coming out of another restaurant. I knew you’d never forgive me if I didn’t snag her and bring her here, so ….” Zana spread her hands with another of her smiles, which had never lost most of their urchin-like quality from her childhood.

“Well, I was planning on visiting you while I was on planet,” Jiang Lin said with her own smile. The silver visitor, a sculptor and mixed-media artist with a well-deserved reputation, was an old family friend, one of Ariel’s comrades from the Dark Days, when they were both enslaved as sex workers in the old Land of Fantasy pleasure house. “I just didn’t think you’d like a visitor this late, until I ran into my ‘niece’ here. She straightened me out on that before lassoing me and throwing me into the flit.”

“Well, I’m glad she did,” Ariel said, and went to hug Lin in her turn. “Come on up to the terrace. Adam was called to an odd-hours teleconference, but you can still come back for another visit and dinner, maybe …?”

All three women were relaxing in comfort in moments. As Lin was drawing on a cigarette in a holder, Ariel said, “So, what brings you back to Videra? Business or pleasure?”

“Both, actually,” Lin said. “One of the newer resorts is asking for several pieces for their buildings, and I came to check over the décor they have in place for some inspiration. But I came for the best shopping in five sectors as well … and to say hello to old friends.”

“Well, we’ll need to make it a longer visit than just for a hello. I’ll make arrangements when I get into the office tomorrow, and we can go shopping together on your next free day.” She added to Zana, “You’re welcome too, sweet one, if your university classes allow.”

Zana said, “Just depends on the day. Make it Saturday, and there’ll be no problems.”

Lin grinned. “I think we can pull that off.”


The details:

All wear —

  • Body and feet: Maitreya Lara 4.1
  • Hands: Vista ProHands 2
  • Skin: Fallen Gods Pure Omega applier skin (Diana in silver; Harper and Jem in gold)
  • Eyes: NeurolaB Inc. EX-5 Cyber Eyes

Harper (as “Ariel Sherman”) —

  • Head: Akeruka Elen 2.5 Bento
  • Hair: eDeLsToRe Virginia
  • Outfit: r2 uruo bikini (gold, vintage), topped by A&Y Flash Cyber Coat (multicolor) (available at Neo Japan event)
  • Shoes: Energie Erin platform heels
  • Makeup: none

Jem (as “Zana Sherman”) —

  • Head: Akeruka Vanessa 2.6 Bento
  • Hair: Firelight Kelsa
  • Outfit: Zenith scarlet top, leggings (including shoes) and fur stole (purple) (available at main store)
  • Accessories: RealEvil ReVoX aviator watch; GeWunjo Katje suite (bracelet, necklace and earrings)
  • Eyeshadow:  Booty’s Beauty Aurora (Omega, slot 2)
  • Lipstick:  Zibska Ricana (Omega, slot 5)

Diana (as “Jiang Lin”) —

  • Head: LAQ Skye 3.05
  • Hair: Tukinowaguma Aronen
  • Nails: FORMANAILS Diamonds
  • Outfit: RAPTURE Hamira bodysuit (available at Rock Your Rack 2018)
  • Accessories: kunst Albion ring; kunst Diva Cigarette Holder
  • Shoes: KC Couture Viv
  • Eyeshadow:  Alma Dea (Omega, slot 4)
  • Lipstick:  Zibska Kaija (Omega, slot 4)
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