Suffer the Children   3 comments

Can you help me remember how to smile
Make it somehow all seem worthwhile ….

Just one possible result of a runaway’s world

Yesterday, while listening to Sirius XM on my computer, I stumbled across an old 1993 ballad — Soul Asylum’s “Runaway Train.” It had been years since I’d listened to it, and I’d forgotten how powerful and painful this song was; even more so when I pulled up on YouTube one of the several versions of the video. (You can see below for the embedded video, or follow the link.) The closing of an Amber Alert here in Canada today, with the sad death of the missing girl and the arrest of her father, just spurs me more to write this.

Runaways and missing children have always been with us, but they really came to the front of people’s knowledge with cases like Etan Patz and Adam Walsh. (See Harper’s article from 2012. In researching today’s article, I’ve learned that Etan was declared legally dead in 2001, and that a man who confessed was convicted of second-degree murder in 2017.) Those boys are just two of thousands of boys and girls who disappear every year, either by running off for some reason, or being kidnapped. It’s not confined to one country, either — Canada has its own burden of missing, as does probably every region on Earth.

If, somehow, you know information that can lead to finding one of the missing, any age, any condition, please give the authorities that info. You can contact your local police or constabulary. Additionally, you can contact the Missing Children Society of Canada, or the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children in the United States.


Posted February 15, 2019 by Conan Bankersbox in Real Life

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3 responses to “Suffer the Children

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  1. Smiling in SL:: With classic avatars you need a smile attachment. Most mesh head I’ve seen have an emotional tab that includes smiling. You’ll have to play with it to get what you want.

    As far as smiling at the state of the world that is different. I just try to remember there are a LOT of sh*theads out there (Some are in SL too. :-( ) so I despair sometimes but eventually they will Darwin them self’s out.

    • It took me a bit to understand your reference — to the caption on the photo. That was coming from the lyric to the song, not a plea for help in how to smile in world. A few more lines goes:

      Can you help me remember how to smile
      Make it somehow all seem worthwhile
      How on earth did I get so jaded
      Life’s mystery seems so faded

      It’s not an easy song to listen to; here I am, quite mature now since the Nineties, and I was weeping when I watched that video.

  2. Well done here, Conan.

    Morgan Vanderzwaan

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