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So, we get home late last night from a trip to Chicago, bringing home a cold that the husband says I started working on before I left for Chicago. Everyone else gets to bed, but I’m not asleep yet; so I log in to Second Life for the first time in a week, looking for a little relaxation.

Some five or ten minutes later, while I’m wandering around one of the events, I get a group notice … from Poulet Koenkamp of PurpleMoon, the first one in some time. And a most unwelcome one for all of us who love her work.

Source: Sorry, we are closed | ! *PurpleMoon Creations* !

Truthfully, this isn’t unexpected. Real life has to take the priority, especially when it involves family, so Poulet’s choosing the right path. And she says that this is but an au revoir, not a farewell and amen. I wish her the best, and hope to see her back one day.

In the meantime, as a thank-you to her customers, everything at PurpleMoon is marked down to L$ 50. Poulet says this is also a chance for you to use up any remaining store or loyalty credit you may have, so go to the store and indulge. Let’s send Poulet off to RL with a bang!

Posted March 26, 2019 by Harper Ganesvoort in Announcements, Fashion

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