NOLA in Fairhaven and beyond in Second Life   5 comments

You can rely on Inara Pey to find interesting places to visit. Expect a photo shoot from one of us before this region vanishes!

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

NOLA @ Fairhaven; Inara Pey, April 2019, on FlickrNOLA @ Fairhaven – click any image for full size

We recently received an invitation to visit NOLA @ Fairhaven. Described as  “an homage to New Orleans, Louisiana”, the estate comprises three regions – two Full and one Homestead, with one of the Full regions providing the homage to New Orleans, and the other a pair of settings I’ll discuss a little later.

Designed by Tatianna (TatiannaDiamond) and Jus Strat (jus4strat), all three regions are an impression combination – but given the amount packed into all three mesh, sculpt and texture-wise, can also be a little heavy going if your viewer is running with any significant bells and whistles (such as shadows) enabled.

NOLA @ Fairhaven; Inara Pey, April 2019, on FlickrNOLA @ Fairhaven

There is no enforced landing point within the regions, and the SLurl supplied by Jus dropped us neatly in the north-east corner of the Full region representing New Orleans…

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Posted April 10, 2019 by Harper Ganesvoort in Places and Exploring

5 responses to “NOLA in Fairhaven and beyond in Second Life

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  1. “significant bells and whistles (such as shadows)”
    In 2019 shadows are hardly bells and whistles anymore, are they? Or are you ladies operating on Walmart bargain bin 300$ craptops?

    • Well, some of us have to. My previous desktop, though it was good before, was limping by the time I replaced it, though I was still able to do good work with it despite the decline. And, even with the gamer’s screamer I run now, there’s many places I turn off shadows to improve performance, at least when I’m moving around.

      • Yes, of course, we all do that. But when it’s time to look at things and make photos I switch back to full eyecandy with lotsa atmosphere. Sometimes I even double the resolution of my snapshots, although my screen won’t really show it. It still looks betterer. ;) In blog tho I keep resolution down to 1080.

        • As do I — though I use the full resolution for the blog, as well. (I just save it as an HQ JPEG instead, and reserve PNG for Flickr.)

          I think we may both be saying the same thing and seeing the same situation; just perceiving it differently?

  2. Fresh places to photograph!

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