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Definitely give this a look. Art is one of the reasons SL was created, as I recall, as well as making money, and the LEA has celebrated our creativity for many years now. Do not let it sink gently into the digital sea.

Daniel Voyager

Tansee Resident and Riannah Avora have started a new interesting movement recently to try and keep the LEA alive in Second Life. They have formed a new group in Second Life called LEA 2.0 The New Future – Save LEA ! which is worth joining. The group was formed to find positive people who are willing to share hopeful suggestions.  

120 members have already joined the new LEA 2.0 group which is a good start and hopefully hundreds more will join in the weeks ahead. 

Join the group today (free) and help save LEA! 

Join Group to SAVE The LEA Sandbox, AIR grants, Core grants and the future of SL Virtual Art and Creativity. Be Proactive . This is an opportunity for “Positive” voices to be heard and be a part of the continuing growth and innovation of virtual art and creativity at LEA with dignified and equal respect to…

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