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I reblog this article by AmandaMagick for your consideration.  This blog has always been willing to consider publicizing any items submitted to it by designers, provided we like them; but we have remained firmly independent in editorial policy, able to express our own preferences, not bound to pushing any particular product.  The trend of our fellow SL bloggers to hire themselves out is not a happy one to me.

Having said that, it’s the right of any other SL fashion blogger to sign up for such publicizing work.  Just be sure you read the agreement they’re asking you to comply with before you “sign” it.  Admittedly, it would be difficult to enforce such things in a court, yes.  But there’s a moral obligation to live by what you agreed to.


You know what grinds my gears? Rules that are ridiculous that’s what. I mean I understand stores in Second Life have rules for their bloggers to follow and rules they themselves follow in ter…

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2 responses to “REBLOG — A Word About Blogging in Second Life – Magick Thoughts SL

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  1. Thank You so much for sharing this post of mine. I feel strongly about the blogging community and understand the hard work we all go through. This topic of my blog post was about a friend of mine who had correspondence from a designers blogging manager. She was corrected on how they wanted their info links shared without the blogger posting their blog link that was in fact about that picture for the designer. I think this is wrong. I also know that it was not clear to her that these rules were so explicit. We can argue if these rules were good or bad but for the blogger they are no good. :) Thanks again for sharing my blog :)

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