Danger, Will Robinson!   2 comments

I just found an old friend!

Over 50 years old, as a matter of fact, dating him from 1965 (unless you want to date him from 1997, the year of the Jupiter 2‘s launch). When I was a child, the original Lost in Space was the only science-fiction show available besides Star Trek on NBC … and, in fact, it premiered a year before Shatner (and Nimoy and Kelley) happened.

What? You say there was more SF on than just Lost in Space? Yes, there was. But it was on ABC, and we’re talking the Sixties, with antennas instead of cable or satellite. Cable was only for folk in town; and satellite wasn’t even around yet. Unlike my nearest neighbor, who was on a rise compared to us, we could just pick up the nearest ABC affiliate if the phase of the moon was just right, and we had the Tenna-Rotor turned just right and we’d twisted the fine tuning just right … and if we’d sacrificed a goat. Or maybe an unblemished he-lamb. (Dad wouldn’t let us use virgins, even when he was willing to let us try to pull in Channel 13.) So NBC and CBS it was.

And on CBS, we had the stories of the Space Family Robinson, accompanied by Major West, pestered by Dr. Smith (Jonathan Harris, who turned a bit part into a show-stealing role) … and their B9 environmental-control robot, who everyone wanted to pretend they were when we acted out the show at recess time in school. You’d think I’d want to be Judy or Penny. Nope; I wanted to be the Robot. (“I wanna be the Robot! You been the Robot long enough!!”)

Well, you can get the Robot for your very own. Actually, you could get the Robot from several places, but I spotted an excellent, recent version from FaceDesk that’s only 12 LI, and it’s very, very well done. They also sell it as an avatar, but I chose the prop version … and I’m using him to crew some areas in the starbase. (Yeah, he’s a little antique for that starbase, but he’s surely more up to date than Robby the Robot ….) And I’m now a happy camper!

2 responses to “Danger, Will Robinson!

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  1. I didn’t get to watch ‘Lost In Space’ until much later, but both I and my Dad were into it in a big way. Dad’s favourite character was Dr Smith, mainly because he was always trying to palm off the Robinson kids to some alien in order to curry their favour. :) The movie version in the early 2000s was OK, and Gary Oldman as Dr Smith was the best part.

    • My mother and father tolerated at the best; their generation saw it as mostly comic-book stuff, I think. It was my generation that was probably the first great SF-media “surge,” in terms of movies and TV, instead of in just books. SF is so ingrained into our culture now that it seems unlikely it’ll ever go away; it’s become, “what mutation will be coming out next?”

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