Retro Future Hair — British Pathé   1 comment

It’s been bananas for a while for all of us except Morgan; she’s working on a story, but isn’t satisfied with her photos yet. Me, I’m driving my son into the university every single weekday, as he abhors driving, and I’m searching for time to get anything done. (I can’t testify to the others.)

I want to get something up, though, and I discovered this via British Pathé. Looks like “ombré” hair is nothing new ….

Posted January 28, 2020 by Harper Ganesvoort in History, Real Life, Video

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One response to “Retro Future Hair — British Pathé

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  1. “he abhors driving”
    Whaaaaaaa….? A boy that’s not a petrolhead? Me, even as a grrl, as soon as I became 18 dad gave me an old banged up van for my bday as he knew that was my greatest wish. Cars mean independence even more than your own dwelling. Old VW transporter, foldable bed cooler box, camping stove, tools, clothes, surfboards on the roof … who needs a boring flat?
    What’s wrong with the youngsters of today? What a lame-o bunch of weaklings. :o

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