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Sometimes you just gotta go an’ have a beer. When you haven’t had a client in weeks, though … well, the cheaper the beer, the better it tastes.

Lunch ain’t gonna be anything fancy, either ….

Well, if a potential client glances my way, at least I look hot. All the way to the soles o’ my feet.


I’m wearing:

Available at NEO-Japan through April 19:

  • Outfit: EXiA Naotora jinbaori and body suit (black) (purchase as separates); Cubic Cherry Aiko latex tabi and black geta
  • Hair: monso Ikki

Other items:

  • Skin: Raonhausen Gweneth (BOM; Coconut Brows)
  • Head: LAQ Rebel 3.07 Bento
  • Body: Maitreya Lara 5.0.2
  • Eyes: Ikon Sovereign (Passion)
  • Eyeshadow (BOM; application order): JUMO Leona (Bishop); Beautiful Freak Odetta (gold)
  • Lipstick: Beautiful Freak Bad Candy (BOM; green lower)

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