Goodbye, Not Farewell   2 comments

I’m not happy about this, but I think I need to say a temporary goodbye to this blog. The current situation with the coronavirus is the cause, but more directly the economic downturn we’ll be going through for a time. Second Life fashion can add up, even at the small prices we pay for most things; if I go on a buying binge, well ….

I’ve spoken about this with Harper, and she understands. I may still do an occasional photo piece at the invitation of Harper or the others, but my time and money needs to be focused on my family for now. However, when things take a personal upturn, I’ll probably return. So this is just an au revoir, not a permanent goodbye, at least as far as I can see for now. We’ll speak again in happier times.

Posted April 10, 2020 by Diana Myeong in Personal

2 responses to “Goodbye, Not Farewell

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  1. Indeed not farewell, I hope, Di. Keep in touch, and come on back after all is over.

  2. I’m working back through posts I haven’t seen yet; but I knew about this already, and I hugged and kissed you virtually at the meeting. It’s still sad to see you disappear, even if only for a little while. I hope this damned virus gets knocked out soon (though I know soon is a very relative thing here), and that you and your family get on a surer footing as soon as possible. We need you back!

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