Speaking Moistly   4 comments

We all need laughs right now. Even Justin Trudeau, my Prime Minister here in Canada, is contributing … contributing inadvertently, but he’s doing his part! The relevant moment of strangeness is at about 0:50 below.

Justin regretted his phrasing almost on the instant, of course. But there it was, out there for the world to take advantage of.

Needless to say, Twitter immediately grabbed onto this, and it’s been trending for days. (There’s balderdash in this search; just ignore it.)

Even CBC Kids News started going over the fallout.


Posted April 13, 2020 by Conan Bankersbox in Humor, People, Real Life

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4 responses to “Speaking Moistly

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  1. Oh, Ghod, that was needed just now …. (Laughing)

  2. I wish there was a “love” button on here, like on Farcebook! Conan, you’re a lucky man to have a head of state with a sense of humor (and intelligence).

    • Well, Twitter people love him, if nothing else. How he does at the next election may be another thing, unless he and the Liberals pull us through the crisis. But we can certainly enjoy the laugh for now.

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