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L is for — Lazuri

L is for Lazuri 1

Lazuri is definitely one of the name jewelry houses these days, and Zuri Lyric gets better and better with the large stage pieces she specializes in.  This set, which Zuri calls Precise Frimon, consists of a script-driven suite:  heavy necklace, earrings, rings and bracelets for both hands and a set of individual hair pins (which are shaped similar to the pendants on the earrings; they don’t show up in this shot).  Colors are controllable via the menus, and give you a wide range of possibilities to decorate yourself with.

L is for Lazuri 2

These jewels deserved more than a simple one-shot, so I dressed myself up some and trotted out another character from my stories:  I call her Dannta ‘niShantaro, and she’s from the planet Elenia.  Any road, I added to the Lazuri suite a set of prim nails that have some flower or flower-related elements, and dressed myself in a party outfit:

L is for Lazuri 3


The details beyond the jewels:

  • Skin and shape (modified):  Tokyo.Girl Amelia – Natural
  • Eyes:  Poetic Couture classic blue hour
  • Hair:  Truth January (crow w/ roots)
  • Nails:  Love Soul Fascinante prim nails (Red)
  • Makeup (application order):  Baiastice Pola bi-colour eyeshadows and lashes (gold/azure); Glamorize Treasured Kisses Lips (Dark raspberry)
  • Dress:  Bliss Couture Lene (with loose gold leggings added; vintage)
  • Shoes:  BAX Coen Regency Boots (black; mesh)

signature 3

3 Casual Mesh Dresses (Updated)

June 19:  updated to include SLurls; I was going to sleep when I originally started searching them out.

Today, you’re getting one massive mess of fashion — mesh dresses from some great designers.  You’ll see them in the slideshow below, in order of the description (if I’m lucky); you can pause the show and right-click, then select “View Image” (or equivalent) to see a larger view.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

coldLogic is a name that is earning lots of interest among Grid fashionistas with their mesh designs.  This dress, called Owens, fits quite nicely to your curves, though I had to tweak my shape somewhat to get the fit right.  Having never tweaked these settings before, it was probably time to do a little adjustment.  (I sometimes think I’m a little over-endowed in the boobs, anyway, so a bit of breast reduction was probably a good thing.)

Prism is a great favorite of mine, though I haven’t wrote much about Journey’s pieces lately.  I tend to think more of her knits than summer clothes.  However, the Emily mesh top and pants are shooting right up to a favorite spot for summer casual wear.

Of course, every woman who loves evening dresses has heard of Sascha’s Designs, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they have at least one of Sascha Frangilli’s famed “battleship-skirt” gowns in their closet.  But Sascha also does casual wear, and this, believe it or not, is her first mesh entry.  Fittingly, it’s named Mondriaan, and is as mod as it gets; but fits quite nicely into modern tastes as well.

Across the board, I’m wearing shoes from R2 Fashion, a fantastic shoe designer I discovered at Collarbor88.  I’ve been stocking up on shoes since, and am featuring her extremely stylish pumps, wedges and boots all through here.


The details:


coldlogic Owens:

  • Dress: coldLogic Owens (mesh, Earth)
  • Shoes: R2 Pauole boots (black)
  • Jewelry: Styles by Danielle Collana Gold Majestic necklace and “elegant” style earrings

Prism Emily:

  • Pants and top: Prism Emily (mesh)
  • Shoes: R2 Akamai wedges (white)
  • Jewelry: League Wanderer suite (golden oak); DDL ring (opal/gold)

Sascha Mondriaan:

  • Dress:  Sascha’s Designs Mondriaan (mesh, blue)
  • Shoes: R2 Aulii (black)
  • Jewelry: Gems & Kisses Exotic Dream earrings

Photographed at my Secret (Public) Photo Studio

Donna Flora in the Fountain

Three coins in a fountain
Each one seeking happiness
Thrown by three hopeful lovers
Which one will the fountain bless

Three hearts in a fountain
Each heart longing for its home
There they lie in the fountain
Somewhere in the heart of Rome

“Three Coins in the Fountain”
music by Jule Styne; lyrics by Sammy Cahn

For those who have been wondering about how Squinternet Larnia has been doing, the reports are that she is improved, and in fact has gotten a better diagnosis than was feared for her.  She isn’t out of the woods yet, but she is gradually working her way back into activity, and managed to set up her store at the recent Fashion for Life.  She has also put together a new dress, with the lovely retro flairs that are her signature take on Italian style.

I figured, after picking up my own set of Donna Flora’s new April dress, that I’d go walking around the Bonin region that holds Squinternet’s atelier.  It was a pleasure to discover this recreation of Rome’s Trevi Fountain, and it gave me the idea for my interpretation of the frock.
You can get a look at it in detail after the break.

Lynxa of Opar, Daughter of La

Lynxa, by Styles by Danielle, is the gown for Miss Benin in the EOE 2012 competition. When I got the group notice about it, I had to get this and model it. Appropriately for my story, Benin is in the West Africa region which was home to Tarzan as he grew to manhood.

The woman stood on the mansion’s wooden balcony and looked out upon the dawning day. The sky to the east burned with orange light, which would soon lighten to yellow as the Sun rose over the horizon to welcome the spinning planet Earth to another twenty-four hours of time.

Lynxa, daughter of La, heir to the title of High Priestess of Opar, smiled slightly in satisfaction as she reflected again on what she had just called the bright golden disk in the sky: “the Sun.” No longer the Flaming God of her mother’s people, the men and women of the lost Atlantean city of Opar. She had abandoned that faith twelve years previously, when she had turned 21 and was faced with the choices of men she would be required to select from for a husband. None there could match, or even approach, the tales of the man whom La had always called Lynxa’s father, the man she always referred to as Tarzan of the Apes.

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Wait, Wait, Don’t Rezz Me….

Waiting is what I was doing when I went into Crimarizon region yesterday.  It’s a beautiful build, that is most definite.  The problem with many a beautiful build, of course, is that it’s also lag hell.  I know; that’s the price we pay for beauty.  And the pose HUD and expression HUD, as well as my normal AO HUD running in standby in the background, probably didn’t help the Cause any on my part. But, when textures refuse to rezz for five minutes or more (or at least it felt like it; I was in a RL hurry), it starts getting frustrating.

So here I am, sitting on a wall instead of posing in a lovely arcade of archways I found when I had the time to walk through and let things rezz up. When I’d went to shoot the photo spread before, I locked up, and then got a boot crash — as in I got the boot out of Second Life by crashing. I never could get everything to rezz back up completely. I think my feelings are quite nicely expressed by the mood of this shot I took — in front of a stone temple wall, and frustrated as grudging forgiveness.

Ah, well; you can see the clothes I’m wearing — a lovely organic silk dress from League that I fought my way to at Collarbor88. Read on and get the details, which are:


  • Skin: PXL Candy sunkissed, red lips, light eyebrows
  • Eyes: Sterling Artistry Jeweled Eyes (bright blue)
  • Hair: Osmose Sauvage (cherry, with base)
  • Nails: Mandala scripted nails, short
  • Dress: League Organic Silk Dress (gold leaf) (Available at Collarbor88)
  • Shoes: N-core Cherie (black patent)
  • Jewelry: EarthStones Crystal Elements necklace and earrings (Spirit / Gold), and Gemstone Palette watch (Spectrum / Gold); Uzuri Alien bracelet; Je Suis gacha ring (right hand); Dahlinks My Lady emerald wedding ring and DDL onyx / gold ring (left hand)
  • Makeup: Glamorize Treasured Kisses lipstick (bronze); BOOM Liquid Glaze liner (black, lashed)


A Bonbon from Donna Flora

“The only lasting beauty is the beauty of the heart.” — Robert Frost

The unofficial poet laureate of New England was right in the essence of what he wrote; but there is physical beauty that endures if not lasts forever, and that can be found in architecture as well as the more portable arts.  For instance, the Alhambra in Granada, Spain is celebrated for its loveliness in line and art, so much that the Spanish left it alone for the most part when the Moors were overthrown by Isabella and Ferdinand.  The Court of the Lions is one of the jewels in this lovely setting, and I chose to pose here in a Donna Flora gown from her most recent collection.

Bonbon is a silly little party-dress confection reminiscent of the Fifties, with its brocaded fabric in lavender and white silk, the poufy bubble skirt and its short, satiny flounce, and its strapless top.  Details are picked out in gold thread; and a gold ribbon sash and bow separates the skirt from the flounce, while what looks like woven gold lamé edges the bust and cinches the waist.  I decided to go with new shoes for this, and so ran off to N-core for a nice pair of strappy heels to give even more length to my legs here.

The necklace (and the earrings, which are hidden beneath my hair) are also from Donna Flora, and complement the dress wonderfully.  And if you’re wearing gold, why not gold nails — in a fashionable French polish, of course.

The hairstyle is more up to date, and comes from Bliss.  A lovely touch to bring the old into the modern world.

Incidentally, and more important than fashion, Squinternet Larnia is recovering from an illness that had her in the hospital for some time.  We all wish her lots of love and support and a speedy recovery, and this article is part of the Donna Flora A to Z project put together by Cajsa Lilliehook to thank and repay Squinternet for all the support she gave Cajsa last year, during the fashion writer’s own long illness.  Each writer picked a letter and chose a dress from Donna Flora’s stock to purchase and write about, and I came up with B in both the dress and main jewelry.  Check Cajsa’s article at It’s Only Fashion for a list of other pieces in the group publishing project (updated as more are added); and, if you have a chance, go check out the vintage goodies Squinternet has designed for us at Donna Flora.  If you’ve never been there, then you poor depraved, uh, deprived person!


The details:

  • Skin: PXL Candy Sunkissed, nude lips, light eyebrows
  • Eyes: Poetic Colors Classic (Blue Hour)
  • Hair: Bliss Hair Alisaundra (Caviar)
  • Dress: Donna Flora Bonbon
  • Shoes: N-core Soleil
  • Jewelry: Donna Flora Blair suite (necklace, earrings); Dahlinks My Lady emerald wedding ring; Chop Zuey Trifles diamond ring
  • Makeup: DN yellow eyeshadow (may be no longer available); BOOM Love my eyes lashes/liner; Glamorize Treasured Kisses lipstick (Temptress 04)

Photographed in Al Andalus Alhambra region.

The Winter Queen

What’s winter without at least one appearance of the Empress of the Snows? This version takes the wonderful gown that Tres Beau created for Sazzy Oh for Miss Virtual World 2012, and changes things around some. I left off the headdress (which drops snowflakes all around in the store version), and substituted more “ice” in the form of diamond and silver jewelry.

Every winter,
When the great sun has turned his face away,
The earth goes down into a vale of grief,
And fasts, and weeps, and shrouds herself in sables,
Leaving her wedding-garlands to decay –
Then leaps in spring to his returning kisses.

— Charles Kingsley, Saint’s Tragedy (act III, sc. 1)

More cool quotes and photos after the break….

REBLOG: Tyako Coage, As Photographed By Ruriko Bracken

Ruriko Bracken, a Japanese Second Life Resident and a lovely model and photographer, takes a break now and then from the virtual world for some Real Life.  She’s currently back in, and most welcome in both her roles.

In this feature, found on her own Japanese-language blog, Ruriko Style, Ruri-chan does a pair of excellent photos of Tyako Coage, Miss Virtual World Japan 2012.  Tyako is wearing a gown from AZUL that was designed for her.  I’ll include one thumbnail here to get you interested; if you want more, go visit Ruri-chan’s article.  There is a Google Translate button on the right side, so you can get a (species of) translation into your language easily.

Copyright 2012 by Ruriko Bracken; all rights reserved

Peace on Earth at Sascha’s and Runway Café

The quest for new places has taken me to the Runway Café in The Lady Resort.  The resort is a large, elegant venue for meetings, shows, or just for getting away.  It has four suites and two penthouses for rent (suites L$1,000, penthouses L$2,000 per week).  But the main attraction is the café, which is appointed in lots of warm maple or cherry wood, with a discreet bar in one corner and two levels, the floor and a balcony.

A runway, of course, is the place where you model couture, and I’m modeling a gift from the current Peace on Earth Hunt.  This is the Roodvosje gown from Sascha’s Designs, named for Roodvosje Rosse, one of Sascha Frangilli’s main employees.  (She’s the one you often hear from on weekdays when she’s calling the group to come and check out the current specials or the latest gowns.)  This color is special for the hunt, but it is available in several other colors, as well as Sascha’s trademark large choice of skirt sizes in the package.  Lots of glittery trim, full-length opera gloves, and a very nice tall collar to frame the face combine for a wonderful holiday gown.  I wear it here with a review gift from Alice Demonia, her Faelin pumps.  With these shoes, you get your choice of five different heels from wedge to stiletto, and a large number of color combination possibilities, leather finishes, etc. in a HUD design that couldn’t be simpler.  Heavy gold chain jewelry and a nice updo complete the look here.


The details:

  • Skin:  PXL Candy sunkissed, red lips
  • Eyes:  Poetic Colors Gold Flake (sapphire)
  • Hair:  JE*REPUBLIC Tarae III (midnight)
  • Gown:  Sascha’s Designs Roodvosje (gold; gift in Peace on Earth Hunt)
  • Shoes:  Alice Project Faelin pumps (multicolor and -shape HUD; free review copy)
  • Jewelry:  alafolie Parure Chaine Dorée; Dahlinks My Lady engagement ring (platinum/emerald); EarthStones Mosaic ring (Newsprint)
  • Lashes:  Curves Mystique prim eyelashes

This Year’s Grid Knitwear

This is the time of year when knits really start coming out of the closets, even in the Grid, where you can consider it summer or winter as you choose.  I tend to pull on coats as we get deeper into November, and also go scouting for good-looking knitwear, in part because I knit in RL and enjoy the look and feel of good knitted clothing.

Since my purse, both in RL and SL, is not bottomless, here is a list of some items I have not yet bought, modeled by fashion bloggers I have read:

Nana Minuet:  Look #180

Harper Beresford:  Soup!, Olive Oil

Lourdes Denimore:  I Got Tagged

Briony Muircastle:  SG and the 10L Golden Fleece

Nadja Baxter:  Nadja’s Style Today

Cajsa Lilliehook:  The Five Oceans in a Bottle, Falling Leaves

Gala Caproni:  LOTD 11 06 11 — Autumn

For my contribution, my second of the season, I decided to visit the Aphrodite Coffee Shop.  (Yes, I know, I was at a coffeehouse just a while back.  Knits and coffee go together.  Besides, I’ve never been there before.)  This place is a beautiful build, Greek-themed and part of a larger complex of shops in the same architectural mode.  I took a pause while waiting for my order to arrive to shoot myself (which you can get by clicking on the table top)….

…and once afterwards as well.  This ensemble comes from Prism, is part of a selection of prints, and shows the same lovely sense of texture by Journey McLaglen that you’ll find in her other knits, such as in her Laura.  This dress also comes with knitted socks, but I decided to wear a set of Maitreya Gold heels, and so that would not have worked at all (unless maybe as leg warmers; hmmm…).


The details:

  • Skin:  Alto – Baroque Dewberry
  • Eyes:  Poetic Colors Gold Flakes (sapphire)
  • Hair:  Amacci Doris (deep copper)
  • Nails:  Candy Nail #P000 Basic (green10)
  • Outfit:  Prism Keira (Migration)
  • Shoes:  Maitreya Gold Shanti (black)
  • Makeup:  Beautiful Deluxe Silky Matte Eyeliner
  • Jewelry:  Dahlinks My Lady emerald wedding ring; Elate! square stone ring with jade stone; DDL black onyx/silver ring; League Wanderer earrings (golden oak)

WindLight settings:  Torley Linden’s Midday: Nostalgika

Shot at the Aphrodite Coffee House


Naergilien Wunderlich suggests this video on YouTube on how to get authentic looking textures, especially in knitwear, for those of you working on perfecting your clothing-designing skills.

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