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Peace on Earth at Sascha’s and Runway Café

The quest for new places has taken me to the Runway Café in The Lady Resort.  The resort is a large, elegant venue for meetings, shows, or just for getting away.  It has four suites and two penthouses for rent (suites L$1,000, penthouses L$2,000 per week).  But the main attraction is the café, which is appointed in lots of warm maple or cherry wood, with a discreet bar in one corner and two levels, the floor and a balcony.

A runway, of course, is the place where you model couture, and I’m modeling a gift from the current Peace on Earth Hunt.  This is the Roodvosje gown from Sascha’s Designs, named for Roodvosje Rosse, one of Sascha Frangilli’s main employees.  (She’s the one you often hear from on weekdays when she’s calling the group to come and check out the current specials or the latest gowns.)  This color is special for the hunt, but it is available in several other colors, as well as Sascha’s trademark large choice of skirt sizes in the package.  Lots of glittery trim, full-length opera gloves, and a very nice tall collar to frame the face combine for a wonderful holiday gown.  I wear it here with a review gift from Alice Demonia, her Faelin pumps.  With these shoes, you get your choice of five different heels from wedge to stiletto, and a large number of color combination possibilities, leather finishes, etc. in a HUD design that couldn’t be simpler.  Heavy gold chain jewelry and a nice updo complete the look here.


The details:

  • Skin:  PXL Candy sunkissed, red lips
  • Eyes:  Poetic Colors Gold Flake (sapphire)
  • Hair:  JE*REPUBLIC Tarae III (midnight)
  • Gown:  Sascha’s Designs Roodvosje (gold; gift in Peace on Earth Hunt)
  • Shoes:  Alice Project Faelin pumps (multicolor and -shape HUD; free review copy)
  • Jewelry:  alafolie Parure Chaine Dorée; Dahlinks My Lady engagement ring (platinum/emerald); EarthStones Mosaic ring (Newsprint)
  • Lashes:  Curves Mystique prim eyelashes

This Year’s Grid Knitwear

This is the time of year when knits really start coming out of the closets, even in the Grid, where you can consider it summer or winter as you choose.  I tend to pull on coats as we get deeper into November, and also go scouting for good-looking knitwear, in part because I knit in RL and enjoy the look and feel of good knitted clothing.

Since my purse, both in RL and SL, is not bottomless, here is a list of some items I have not yet bought, modeled by fashion bloggers I have read:

Nana Minuet:  Look #180

Harper Beresford:  Soup!, Olive Oil

Lourdes Denimore:  I Got Tagged

Briony Muircastle:  SG and the 10L Golden Fleece

Nadja Baxter:  Nadja’s Style Today

Cajsa Lilliehook:  The Five Oceans in a Bottle, Falling Leaves

Gala Caproni:  LOTD 11 06 11 — Autumn

For my contribution, my second of the season, I decided to visit the Aphrodite Coffee Shop.  (Yes, I know, I was at a coffeehouse just a while back.  Knits and coffee go together.  Besides, I’ve never been there before.)  This place is a beautiful build, Greek-themed and part of a larger complex of shops in the same architectural mode.  I took a pause while waiting for my order to arrive to shoot myself (which you can get by clicking on the table top)….

…and once afterwards as well.  This ensemble comes from Prism, is part of a selection of prints, and shows the same lovely sense of texture by Journey McLaglen that you’ll find in her other knits, such as in her Laura.  This dress also comes with knitted socks, but I decided to wear a set of Maitreya Gold heels, and so that would not have worked at all (unless maybe as leg warmers; hmmm…).


The details:

  • Skin:  Alto – Baroque Dewberry
  • Eyes:  Poetic Colors Gold Flakes (sapphire)
  • Hair:  Amacci Doris (deep copper)
  • Nails:  Candy Nail #P000 Basic (green10)
  • Outfit:  Prism Keira (Migration)
  • Shoes:  Maitreya Gold Shanti (black)
  • Makeup:  Beautiful Deluxe Silky Matte Eyeliner
  • Jewelry:  Dahlinks My Lady emerald wedding ring; Elate! square stone ring with jade stone; DDL black onyx/silver ring; League Wanderer earrings (golden oak)

WindLight settings:  Torley Linden’s Midday: Nostalgika

Shot at the Aphrodite Coffee House


Naergilien Wunderlich suggests this video on YouTube on how to get authentic looking textures, especially in knitwear, for those of you working on perfecting your clothing-designing skills.

Sashay to Sascha’s, Babooshka!

It isn’t often I write about something that’s just been released.  But, after getting the notice from Sascha’s Designs and stopping in to look at it — and also spending some very nice time chatting with Sascha Frangilli and a pair of Dutch visitors — I decided that this was so good that it was definitely worth talking about.  The only trick was what hair to wear with the magnificent jacket.

Doesn’t look like much here, does it, if you focus on just the blue undershirt and the white pants?  (In this color choice, there’s also a pink top; but I favor red hair, as you know.)  It’s the dressy jacket that makes this iteration of the outfit so nice — one of the nicest dress jackets I’ve seen yet in my fashion history in world.

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Spreding My Wings Like a Swan

An experiment: click on the pictures for larger versions

I was exploring a sale a few weeks back — I think it was something like 55-linden Tuesday, or some such stuff — and one of the stores did not have laid out what I was looking for, at least that I could find.  But they did have something else, and that made all the difference.  Combining that with some other goodies, including a super-luxe buy from one of the most fabulous jewelry stores on the Grid, made the difference in this.

The gown is Harlow, from RBZ Design, and this is what I purchased when I could not find what was supposed to be out.  I’m not angry; this was so pretty that I bought both this dress and another in green, for when I’m in my red hair.  I normally don’t go for such a plunging bust line on a strapless dress — I keep thinking the bodice stays up by surface tension and nothing else.  I’ve gotten used to it, though, from so many of my old vintage Last Call dresses that I’ve become comfortable with such a revealing look, I guess; I rather enjoy this one.  And the silvery decoration running around the confection adds a beautiful touch, as does the bow in back, pinned up by a diamond brooch.

The aim here was for femme de luxe, and so I went all out on the jewelry.  You can see just part of it here, but I have a fair collection on, which is the advantage of the Add feature on many of the 2.x clients.  Wear your first piece, then Add the next pieces until you get what you want (within the maximum limits).  Here, I have one ring on the right hand (from Muse, sadly no longer open) and two on the left, as well as a bracelet on each, and a long trailing string of black pearls around my throat.  And diamond earrings, of course:  these from U & R Dogs.  On my feet are a delicious pair of slingbacks from N-core.  (Why can one never remember to take a picture of the shoes unless you’re doing a shoe article [sigh]?)

The big diamond splasher is vintage Paper Couture; while the black flower with a black gem in the heart is a recent creation in the Bouhachi line from Rozoregalia.

But the topper, literally, is this.  I was shopping at Finesmith Designs later during the sale.  After picking up their sale item, I browsed, and waffled, and then said what the hell, and took the plunge to buy this beautiful headdress, called simply Swan.  It’s hard to keep from thinking about the film Black Swan on seeing this, but I assure you I suffered no hallucinations — just raptures of delight.  The headdress is a hat, so I paired it with a black bob from MADesigns, and black lipstick and eyeshadow, and voila.

The one place I might have went overboard is with the additional Capucine eye “tattoos” from White~Widow; but I liked the silvery dots below my eyes for effect, and so kept this on.  Aside from this, a lovely confection to fly away into the night in, along with the prince of your dreams….


The details:


“How did the Zebra get her stripes?”

From Sascha Frangilli, of course.

This delicious number I’m wearing is named Zebra, and was a L$60 special at Sascha’s Designs last weekend.  I would have liked to write about it then, but this entire weekend has been chaos in a cart, and so here I am today doing the job.  I’m pretty sure this ensemble is no longer just L$60, and yet it’ll be worth every centiLinden you’ll pay (grin).

I’m not normally into animal print patterns — I don’t think you’ll ever find me wearing a leopard-skin coat, real or fake; too tacky, to me — but these pants, with their zipper pockets, appeal.  They fit quite nicely, and leave room for a pair of ankle boots, such as my old standby Biddles.  (I can’t tell you how many pairs of system pants — system pants, no prims! — are too large to fit under at least a pair of ankle boots.)

Then we turn to this excellent top, with just a touch of frilliness at the cuffs, and a lovely prim collar behind the head.  And that neckline…!  I don’t normally show off this much cleavage in RL; but in Second Life, the home of the Fiercely Fashionable,, where the bodies are as perfect as you want them to be, why not go for it?

You may notice I’m trying out a new makeup.  I got a notice from Adam n Eve a few weeks ago, and went to check a new skin.  I didn’t end up getting that, but I found another, Natasha, that appealed.  I like the subtler eyeshadow of this, along with the redness of the lipstick (which I’m matching with a set of screaming red prim nails).  On the top layer, I have a nice enhancement for those who use Viewer 2 — eyeliner from Miamai!  I think that it not only improves the general look of the makeup, but helps to hide any lingering problems I may have with eyelash adjustment (grin).


The details:

Photos taken at It’s Only Fashion blog headquarters in Glookbone

Early Afternoon with Margaret

Casual is comfortable; but sometimes you want something a little dressier for daytime wear.  When I got an ad from the PB Collection for this lovely little dress, I wrapped up other business I had in world at the time and headed over to their main store to snap it up.

It’s called Margaret, and is wonderful for so many reasons.  I think the thing that caught my attention first was the belt.  I have no end of troubles with Second Life prim belts, but this one called out to me, and made me unlimber the wallet.  And, with just a little adjustment, it seems to fit nicely and give me little problem with “disappearing matter syndrome,” aside from my hand sometimes creeping through the vinyl on one of my AO poses.

And then the colors just screamed out to be had.  It’s either a tie-dyed job, or an geode on acid; I can’t make up my mind which.  Add to that it’s a corset top, which I seem to have fallen in love with here in world.  Next, the skirt is a lovely, flirty little thing of prims that leave your legs nice and out there.  If you wanted, you could go with just the system skirt underneath; I think it gives the dress a more casual look, but that wasn’t what I was after here.

I had nothing in terms of shoes to go with this delicious confection, so I zipped off to Adam n Eve, and picked up almost the first thing I saw, their Mistral heels in “mauve,” almost a match for the cups of the corset.  But I actually teleported in at the hair department before going over to shoes, and her Olivia hair seemed perfect for this, as well as just a fine hairstyle — and I ended up getting a fatpack, and 19 points on my loyalty card.  (A nice program that Sachi has going; try it out.  I’ve gotten several things for free with loyalty points.  You need to wear the card when you purchase something to get the points, or when you’re spending them.)

The last touch is always the jewelry.  Dahlinks supplied these — the necklace and ring from a suite called The Management (don’t ask me why; I’m just the blog author, not the creator) that seemed to straddle the line between formal and informal; and a pair of diamond studs named Stage & Screen. I added an antique lapis-bead watch from Foxchase Designs for balance on the opposite wrist.

In this, I think I’m ready for either late afternoon tea, or cocktails on the veranda.  What would you say to a Haig and Haig Pinch and water, maybe?  Or should that be a cosmopolitan with Carrie and the gang…?


The details:

  • Skin: Atomic Bambi Lana-Sunblush-Siren-Gloss-2
  • Nails: Skin Within Vixen mani/pedi
  • Eyes: Cape Shelley Wild Lilies eyes
  • Hair: Adam n Eve Olivia (lavender)
  • Dress: Ardigraf Designs/PB Collection Margaret dress
  • Shoes: Adam n Eve Mistral heels (mauve)
  • Jewelry:  Dahlinks Stage & Screen stud earrings (diamonds/gold), and The Management necklace and ring; Foxchase Designs lapis bead watch

Photos taken at Lion’s Gate club.

Casual in Royal Blue

Pants outfit and jacket from Royal Blue

I’ve been at configuring, tweaking and generally messing with my “new” computer setup — actually just Windows 7 on the old box, but with more memory — that I’d almost forgotten about this pair of photos I’d taken before the Troubles started.  To be fully truthful, I’d also planned on adding a dress to this shoot; however, the skirt showed my rump to full, glorious effect, and I could never get the thing adjusted correctly.  So, pants it is again.

But some very nice pants, and an excellent top and jacket to go with them.  I’m sure I’ve said this before, but I am not adverse to casual wear.  I’ve just fallen in love with the spectacular gowns that can be purchased in Second Life.  My tastes have run toward fabulous evening gowns since I saw all those classic Vogue magazines of the Fifties and early Sixties, and ads in equally vintage magazines like National Geographic as a kid.  Once in a while, though, you have to let your hair down instead of up.  (Or instead of sideways, as my Tales from Insilico were.)

Everything except the hair and boots came from a lovely store I found called Royal Blue.  I don’t recognize the name, but they have some excellent stuff there, and this batch of separates I put together come under that rubric.  I really should have taken off the jacket at least once to show you the top I’m wearing, called (I’m serious here!) Body Con Is Not Dead.  I added to them the pants, named Meow for I am Catwoman, and this delicious blazer, called (ahem) a Preppy Blazer.  (Well, not all the names are strange there….)

You’ve seen my Celtic cross necklace in other articles, so I won’t belabor it here.  What I did do was pull a nice bob haircut and ankle boots out of inventory, as well as these shades I picked up during the Accessory Fair, and added a big chunky necklace I also picked up at Royal Blue (but what the name is I cannot remember now for the life of me), as well as some new dangle earrings from EarthStones.  Just the thing for tripping down a dock to your boat!


The Details:

  • Skin: AtomicBambi Lana Siren (sunblush, gloss 2)
  • Hair: Mirada Sarita (red)

From Royal Blue —

  • Top: Body Con is Not Dead (burn)
  • Pants: Meow for I am Catwoman (ink)
  • Jacket: Preppy blazer (navy)

Mani/Pedi: Skin Within nail polish (chrome)
Jewelry: EarthStones Radiance gold/diamond dangle earrings; Royal Blue necklace (part of a dress package, I believe)
Sunglasses: epoque Swan Shades (loud colors)
Shoes: Biddle ankle boots (electric blue)


Photo taken in EarthBound region

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