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Home Again

Home 1

I don’t recall right now if I’ve mentioned this before, but I recently evaluated finances, and decided I could expand my land holdings.  So, when I discovered that the quarter-sim lot next to mine was up for grabs, I talked to Marina Xi of GlenXi Estates, my landlords, and boosted myself from a quarter to a half-sim.  This gives me plenty of prims for both my starbase operations overhead, and for living below, provided that I don’t go crazy dirtside.  With some changing around of houses and land arrangement, I now have a nice setup in both directions, in space and on the surface.  You’ve seen shots of the starbase before, which will be where I keep my primary offices for this blog, Harper’s Art and Photographs, and other potential operations.  This article talks about my new home setup.

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A Station Among the Stars

I’ve been experimenting with an interesting set of goodies I discovered on the Marketplace — interlocking modules that let you construct your own custom space station or starbase, with almost idiot-proof simplicity and a lot of room for fun and creativity.  Market by Exosphere, the modules are fully mod/copy, and cover many of the situations you’d find in an RPG space opera, with more planned for the future.  You could also put together a nice, if perhaps a little lived-in-looking, spacegoing homestead for yourself.  Since the modules are mod-allowed, then if you’re good with texturing, you could redress the interiors to something less “worn.”  (As an aside, seeing this starbase does make me wonder what the insides of the RL International Space Station look and smell like after over 15 years of occupancy.)

Starbase 1

This is an exterior view of the work/test/construction platform put together by one of the owners of Exosphere, Brenda Hoisin, which she was kind enough to let me wander around in, as well as led me on a few tours of.  As you can see, Brenda’s station is complex and rambling; but it doesn’t have to be this way.  You can make yours as simple as you wish for your needs with just a few basic modules and connectors.  This one has most of the currently available modules attached, and so has many up-and-down access ways to get from level to level.  For even faster access to crucial areas, you could add in a teleporter system.  (I have noticed that you cannot do double-click teleports anywhere on board, which I find interesting.)

The following photo-rich article will seem like a bit of a catalogue, but I reserve that for Brenda and her (I believe) senior partner in the business, Eco Chronowire, at their blog/product site.  You can find the entire current line at their Marketplace store; there is no in-world store at the moment.  This is more of a travelogue, I hope, around a product line that I find very intriguing.  It is rather plugging their wares, but it’s worth it if you’re interested in the spacegoing life for yourself in Second Life.

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A Few Changes

A change
(A change will do you good)
Will do you good
(A change will do you good)
I think a change
(A change will do you good)
Will do you good
(A change will do you good)

Sheryl Crow, “A Change Will Do You Good”

Home changes_003

Here I am (shot through my second-floor window), working on the next great piece of fashion editorial while at my ease.  As I take a break for a bit, I look around the house I’ve inhabited for some months now, and grin at the changes I’ve finished making to it, and to the ease of my life living in it.

New House 3 blog

And they’re mostly centered around this room, the first room you encounter when you enter the house.  I originally published this back in June, when I’d finished setting up the place (though by no means finished decorating it — in fact, that hasn’t happened yet), and you can see the big square fireplace in the center of the area, with a free-floating spiral staircase behind it to the second floor.  These two elements were my biggest bugaboos about an otherwise beautiful house, and something I resolved to work on as time and budget allowed.

Read on to see what I did about it….

Regional WindLight Settings Coming Soon: New World Notes

Thanks to Hamlet Au

New World Notes report that regional control of a sim’s (or, I’m hoping, a plot’s) WindLight environmental lighting settings will be coming soon. This will give the owner the ability to modify the mood of the sim with tweaks of the sliders on the land controls, similar to what we can already do on an Resident-by-Resident basis in the viewer enviro controls, and make it uniform for anyone walking or teleporting in.  (I would assume that you could still change things to suit your individual desire after landing, but the article does not go into this.)  There is a video to demonstrate this; watch as the avatar goes over the bridge from one region to another.

I can imagine one use for this beyond just creating a mood for certain types of RPG settings:  this could be very useful at Hallowe’en, and possibly Christmas as well.  Combine the lighting with weather control and some artfully positioned rainstorms, leaf drifts or snow piles, and you can put together an incredible region!

Need a House? Check Out Pandora Island

I did a walkabout of my landlord’s island again, wondering if anyone had rented my old house I lived in before I moved to the apartment tower.  Imagine my disquiet when I found that several of the cabins are up for rent again, and my old place may be soon.

I like my landlords; they’ve done good by me in the time I’ve been with Nukunono Estates.  So I figure I’ll try to do good by them again.  This writer gets no compensation from those worthy folk, beyond the pleasure of trying to do a good turn for them (and possibly keeping from having to hunt up a fresh house again.)  If anyone’s interested in a nice estate house at what I think is an excellent weekly rate (L$1000/450), teleport to Pandora Island and check out the properties for rent.  I think you’ll be pleased at what’s available.

Anybody Need a Place to Live in SL? Try My Old House

I just went by my old house on Pandora Island, where I lived before moving into the new penthouse, and it’s still empty.  So, why not do the landlord a nice turn, since they’ve been so nice to me, and give ’em a little free advertising?

Teleport location

You’ll find five rooms, a deck and balcony, and a decent sized yard with lots of pine trees, as well as a nice island location and good neighbors.  The room I used as a bedroom (on the upper right) has an excellent skylight to it.  Large and light, very airy.  I did some additional planting while I was there, and put in a cherry tree and some flowers, which I had to pull when I left the house, of course. The landlord, Nukunono Estates, holds occasional parties, and they have set up several clubbin’ locations around the two islands for your use.

The one defect I found was the stairway, which you have to do some odd twisting around on to hang a corner or two, but your mileage may vary.  I’d suggest dropping in and checking it out.  If you end up at the land office instead of directly in the yard, look for Cabin 4, up on the hill to the east of the office.  You should find a teleport inside the building to get you here.

Price:  L$1000/week/400 prims.

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