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Under the Sands of Nile Valley

I recently took a photo in Terra Egypta region; and then a local archaeologist clued me in on something that I need to share with you.

Under the Sands

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The Second Life® Dictionary of Virtual Experience: Inventory

This is too good not to share; I’ve been through some of this, and I’ve only (!!!) managed to accumulate some 40,000 pieces of inventory (including Library). Then again, I’ve never opened up all of my boxes and bags….

(Running screaming into the night!)

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What the Huck?


One of my favourite dip-in books is Douglas Adams’ and John Lloyd’s ‘The Meaning of Liff’.  This wonderful little book puts UK place names to work describing things which currently have no word for them in the English language.  Examples of this include ‘Ible,’ defined as ‘clever but lazy’ and ‘Scramoge,’ defined as ‘to cut oneself whilst licking envelopes’.

It occurs to me that, as virtual world living appears set to become a more mainstream phenomena, it’s perhaps time we started defining some of the more familiar metaverse experiences so that future generations can benefit from an established lexicon when struggling to come to terms with life in prims and pixels.  After all, what point is there in being a pioneer if you don’t pass forward all this learning in some way?  It’s a process I in fact already started several years ago when – as no doubt you are…

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Blarney Stoned

Blarney Stoned

Have you ever tried to do the twist in platform, high-top zori?  It ain’t easy!

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Essential Second Life Books

Found at the Vintage and Cool Fair:

book titles 1 book titles 2 book titles 3

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Discovered on the Mainland


Found in a random skybox somewhere on the Mainland.

This may explain many things….

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Pull Yourself Together!

Pull Yourself Together_001

Ah, the joys of trying to rezz in a busy event region…. (This was at Rhapsody yesterday.)

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A Knave and an Imposter!


It is claimed that this avatar, who delivered a keynote speech at the opening of the Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education Conference, is Philip Linden, Returned to us from Beyond for a season and a time.

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