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2010 SL Oscar Fashion Contest: And the Winners Are….

A bit of a cash windfall allowed me to do an unannounced increase in the prizes for my first SL Oscar Fashion Contest!  The first place will receive L$2,500; 2nd, L$2,000; and 3rd, L$1,500.  I’m also going to do four Honorable Mentions, and have decided after checking the bank account that each will receive L$250.

As these things always are, this was not an easy contest to judge.  I had around 50 entries by the time I closed my groups at Flickr and Koinup for the year, including one who entered by leaving a link in the comments to my original contest announcement (a legal form of entry).  Almost all of the entries were good, and many of them were excellent good.  I had to rework the cut three times before I started the judging in real earnest.  And, in the end, 2nd and 3rd place were tied — although any one of the three places might have been worthy of first.

And so my thanks to all, my congratulations to the winners, and I hope you’ll enjoy the shopping spree I’ve just financed for you.  The Accessory Fair is going right now, so there’s a chance to blow the cash in one spot (grin).

Onward to the winners!

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Always Hope for Rebel; Support the SL Designer

I’ve been staying out of reporting or voicing an opinion on the DMCA suit filed against Linden Lab by Munchflower Zaius and Stroker Serpentine, chiefly because I’ve had no opinion either way on the outcome of the suit, and also because others such as Hamlet Au have better sources and resources to report on this piece of news.  I’m not going to step in where I’m only half informed on a subject, if I can help it; that just gets controversy instead of solution going.  However, I sympathize with the creators of original content when it comes to having their hard work and sweat ripped off, since their work is being stolen by creatures who are little better than slime mold on the soles of our Stiletto Moodys.

Now comes the most blatant piece of copy theft yet.  According to sources, someone came in to the Woodshed sims owned by clothes designer Rebel Hope and RH Engel, and copied everything.  Rebel quickly complained to Linden Lab, but the damage has been done; the thieves have since distributed everything to the Grid at large. Read the rest of this entry »

1920 Berlin Photo Series on Flickr

I’ve just put up a photo spread I took recently when I visited the 1920s Berlin Project:  13 black-and-white images around the area, in their Kellar Club, and a little bit of fashion.  (You’ll see some of these in my Flickr bar to the right of the articles.)  Go here for the entire set.

Teleport to The 1920s Berlin Project.

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Looking Good with Low ARC

Before the addition of the ARC meter to the Advanced menu of the Linden SL client [1], organizers at high-attendance events like fashion shows and similar shouted for you to leave off the prim skirts, remove the facelights and AOs and other scripted items, and generally strip down to almost the bare avatar.  This was to reduce the ever-despised lag, that beast that lurks in every region where the population exceeds 15 or 20, and reduces your movements to swimming in set treacle fudge.

Now we have the meter, and we can see exactly how much we’re straining the system server.  Or do we?  That’s a topic of hot debate, with one side insisting that high ARC affects everyone around you in the sim, while the other insists just as firmly that ARC is more a measure of what your own computer’s graphics card can handle, and that it’s really more of what the True Hackers of the Golden Age once called a “social-science number,” an artificial number with no true meaning.

My thinking is that it does have some weight and meaning.  Let’s go back to the original article on the introduction of ARC in the Big Blog — after the break.

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How to Store Hair!

So you’re back from Hair Fair.  You’ve spent at least an hour of every day, and every linden in your wallet, in the place just buying hair for your avatar.  (And hopefully purchasing items that contribute a percentage of the price to the Fair’s beneficiary, Locks of Love!)  Now you’ve got more hair than the dumpster of a RL salon at the end of a 12-hour day, and you don’t know how to keep track of it all.  Your wallet’s empty while your Inventory’s groaning from the weight of yet more hair, half of which you’ll wear only occasionally if you bought fatpacks.  What’s a body to do???

Well, you could buy an Inventory manager, such as the ever-popular THiNC boxes, and shovel it all in there.  But these things have an upper limit, and you don’t usually have a way of knowing what the item you’re pulling out looks like.  Ah, but there is still hope, and for only L$10 a package!  Am I selling it?  No, I deal in art, not inventory control.  But this came to me while I was thinking about what to put together to make prints for my store.

No, I’m not selling my hair, either.  (I couldn’t if I wanted to (grin).)  This is the solution.  Just rezz up a cube, and stuff all the colors of one style into the contents tab.  Name the cube with the style name and creator, and upload a good picture of what the style looks like to use as the cube’s texture.  (With five visible sides, you could even paint each side a different view, but I think one or two views is probably enough for most styles.)  Then delete all the hair you’ve just saved into the cube out of your Inventory, and Take the cube in.  Voila! After you empty the trash, you’ve gained back any number of slots — often at least 10 to 20, quite often more with multiple-color fatpacks — and put all your precious hair in a container that lets you see what it is inside.

Oh, when you Take the cube into Inventory, you are remembering to file it in a properly categorized folder, aren’t you…?

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Analog Dog at Hair Fair

Nice poetry there for that title, but it’s a sheer accident — or is that “shear,: which would be appropriate for a hairstylist?

Any road, a few minutes after I logged in last night, Queue Marlowe sent out a message for the Analog Dog Hair group, saying that she had finally gotten a chance to set up her booth at Hair Fair with five fresh styles and a freebie pack.  Knowing the quality of Analog Dog, I dropped my immediate plans to jump to the Abyss for a fact-checking session, and jumped back to the Red section of the Fair.

And there, I found these….

1-3:  Fleur is the contribution piece here; 50% of the take on this style goes to Locks of Love.  The hair itself is a standard upsweep, and can be worn that way.  But then you add in the goodie that comes with the style pack — and is available in several colors itself! — and you have a coiffure that changes theme dramatically!  I liked it enough that I went ahead and purchased all the colors.

4-6:  This style is called Digit, and is the most extreme of the three I purchased.  Unlike Fleur, this style needs the accessory, which channels wavy curls to all four “corners” of your head.

7-10:  Parallel is working on a different theme:  parallel horsetails.  The question is, how do you get those two tails?  The answer is, again, an included accessory — this time a “pipe” that guides the hair through its tracks to hang straight down your back.  You again have a required set of pipes to guide your hair.

Each style carries on Analog Dog’s penchant for bangs, but the Fleur packs have the bangs as an integral part of the style.  You can, of course, try some interesting color combinations with the bangs in the other packs, and blow the minds of everyone around you (grin).

Each pack runs between L$350-400, and is well worth the price if you like eccentric hair.  Go for it!

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Two Benefit Packages at My Store

A fast plug before I crash for the night. I normally don’t plug my store on this blog too much, but I have two boxes of prints on sale at Harper’s Fine Art and Photographs right in my door, the full proceeds of which go to benefit Phoenix Psaltery. One is my current full collection of Twenties prints for L$1,000, a nearly L$500 savings — and you’re helping a good man while you’re purchasing. The other is five of the sci-fi posters in my skybox Sci-Fi Gallery, normally L$700, going for L$500.

Come on by and be generous, folks!

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